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Rob is The Now Project CEO, he brings commercial reality to the project without losing sight of what this is really about. And when it comes to the balance of commercial awareness and conscious connection, he's a model for all. A business man with a conscience, commercially and spirituality awake.

Rob discovered mindfulness at the tender age of 24, at a cross roads in his life, he took the right turn and ten years on he's cultivated a degree of mindful awareness that you'd find hard to match in the strictest zen monastery. But what makes Rob really exceptional is that he's done this from within the heart of the darkness, Rob founded a successful currency trading business in the city of London – he's the first ever zen trader.  Not surprisingly he's been pretty successful, but making money is no longer enough for Rob, he has much higher motives now, and although he's informally supported our work for years, we are delighted that he's taking a leading role in the project.

Robs input enables us to take the project on the next part of the journey.  Some of you will notice the difference already.


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One to one Mindfulness sessions:

Are you looking for a real alternative to help with mental health issues or simply want to grow your mindful practice with the support of a mindful teacher? Adrian and Barry are available for Mindfulness Training. Contact Adrian or Barry


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Our popular course in London is a simple introduction to a better way of living. Discover how to be happier, healthier and smarter in just six evening classes. Read more

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