miracle of mindfulness course in London

6 week Mindfulness course in central London
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Weekend Mindfulness Retreats

Weekend Mindfulness Retreats
Join us for a weekend of love, laughter and learning.
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Welcome to the Now Project

There's nothing more now than Mindfulness. People everywhere are waking up to it's life enhancing benefits and the wonderful opportunities it offers us as individuals and humanity as a whole.

Mindfulness is being recommended for everything from stress and depression, to post traumatic stress disorder, from irritable bowl syndrome to drug addiction and it's taking the world of psychotherapy by storm.

But Mindfulness isn’t really about illness, it’s about wellness. It's about learning how to get the most from each moment and how to experience life with a greater intensity, with more clarity, and a renewed sense of fun and adventure. Quite simply Mindfulness makes you happier, healthier, smarter and it’s brilliant and if a few more people lived mindfully the world would be a much better place.

Mindfulness is a waking meditation practice which creates heightened alertness and focus; this calms your mind and allows you to access a peaceful, relaxed, but highly awake and intelligent state of being called mindful awareness.

It’s a wonderful experience to turn down the noise and find some inner peace and rest from your head. Can you imagine what it would be like to switch off the worries, problems, and take a break from your issues? Who knows you might really start to enjoy your life, then you'll be a lot nicer to be around which makes other people feel better and that’s how is spreads.

The Now Project is here to promote mindfulness, to help you feel better, teach you how to get more out of life and to watch that spread. We run mindfulness classes and mindfulness courses throughout the year, including our popular Everyday Mindfulness classes in London as well as fun, friendly Weekend Mindfulness Retreats in beautiful rural Suffolk

Wake up to a better way of living and join the Mindfulness revolution with The Now Project, we would love you to be part of this.



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Amanda TaylorBeautiful truth ❤️ People blossom when they are truly loved 😘

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Advanced Mindfulness Meetup

February 9, 2017, 7:00pm

Raindance 10 Craven St, London WC2N 5HE

EVERY THURSDAY £12 per class, no booking required (cash payment on the day) With mindfulness we are coming together in a shared experience of a new brighter more compassionate world. A world where l...

lovelifelivenow.comCome and join us tonight! Our Thursday Group is open to all and we're a friendly bunch x

2 weeks ago

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