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Our Mindfulness courses and retreats are transforming peoples lives. We've helped nearly 3000 people to find a little more peace and happiness and to discover a better way of living. Here's a sample of the hundreds of emails, and comments we've received from our guests.

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Feb 2017 retreat

Wow! Thanks to everyone! Love to you all. Janx

Jan Fitzsimmons

Happy, Winter Retreat 2017

WOW WOW WOW! I have just had one of the best, most awakening, purging, calm, peaceful, healing, beautiful weekends of my life. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Now Project. I meditated this morning for the 1st time in what will be a daily ritual. and now have a new set of eyes…in-fact, a new everything. I now and tip my hat….Ever So…Happy X

Happy Brewer

Navdeep, Winter Retreat 2017

I just wanted to give a BIG thank you to the Now Project team for a brilliant weekend.

It literally felt as though I walked into a bubble…and walked out, still in that bubble! Really appreciate the love and effort the team put into this retreat.

Amazing food, and great to be around like minded people!!!

Nav xx

Jackie, Everyday Mindfulness 2015

Thank you for bringing me home!!!

This has changed my life. Now is all there is!

With love and much more,

Billy, Mindfulness Course 2015

Hello Adrian,

I just wanted to say that last night was a turning point for me, I was in such a state of awareness afterwards I actually got on the wrong train and didn’t realise until four stops later.

I will be continuing with the breathing exercises as I have found them very helpful and also wanted to be reminded of what that homeless man said to you on that evening about the meaning of life.


Helen, Summer Retreat 2013

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I absolutely loved it – the people, the food, the teachings, the practice, the peace…I have been so chilled out and mindful ever since!

Kevin & Paul, Summer Retreat 2014

Hi Adrian and Team

Just a quick note from Paul and I to say thanks for the Retreat this weekend. We enjoyed it immensely and had a terrific time. Sorry we had to leave early and missed thanking a number of people including Paul and Paulette. Please pass this on to everyone involved.

The few days did remind or open new insights for us both. I am sure it will have a real effect for us moving forwards. We were saying, when we left, what terrific value it was. Both in terms of content, of fun and meeting like-minded people. But also in financial terms. To operate this, to feed us (terrific food as I said when there), and to sleep too is amazing for the price. So, once again very many thanks.

Look forward to being in touch at some stage soon, all being well at another Retreat.

with best wishes

Kevin & Paul

Alice, Summer Retreat 2015

Hi Adrian,

I just wanted to email you to thank you so much for the retreat this past weekend. It was such an amazing experience and I feel I’ve come a long way since I arrived slightly petrified on Friday evening!

I (and many other people from this weekend I am sure!) am really excited to come back next year. I heard rumblings of a possible retreat in the winter, is there any chance you could drop me an email to let me know when this might be happening?

Thanks again,

Warm wishes,


Steve, Summer Retreat 2016

Just a note for Adrian and ALL the team

What a brilliant weekend! Im sorry I don’t do goodbyes and snuck away.

Having never tried any meditation or other mindful things last weekend was an absolutely brilliant whistle stop tour of what is possible. Such a calming and friendly weekend I have never experienced before, and the food OMG the food! Was to die for, and I eat animals!!

Having turned up on Friday night looking for a “tangible something” to help me enjoy the moment I came away with 1 must and 2 choices

Must – smell and feel the breeze

Choice – breath in then out OR out then in

Do those simple things and I now enjoy the walk to and from the place which was my purpose before

Id just like to say to the whole team that made the experience, from the talks to the food and the washing up. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

And to Marcus the Gentle Giant, stop drinking pond water and try that food!

I will be seeing you again, thankyou


Martin, Winter Retreat 2016

Hi Adrian and all the team.

Just wanted to express some gratitude for a brilliant weekend in Suffolk. We’re at home now with loads to process from this weekend and to include in our ongoing practice. We’d be very interested in an online community of people practising mindfulness / resources and to hopefully see you again.

Thanks once again,

Peace and love,

Martz and Shelley x

Susan, Winter Retreat 2016

Hi Adrian,

A massive huge and heartfelt thanks to you and all the team at the Now Project for an amazing retreat last weekend! What a fabulous experience, I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it and really got a lot out of it. My mindfulness practice feels like it has developed a 1000 times more deeply since last weekend! Wow, I am really in the NOW – this is what all the fuss was all about, I get it now!

It has really surprised me how much more calmer, in control and steady I feel since I have incorporated more and more mind

Thanks again for all the support, guidance and good wishes you and your team provide, always

Best wishes,


Brenda, Spring Retreat 2016

Dear Adrian and all the team
I came to the March retreat, I have been aware of meditation for a few years and I know it’s extraordinary benefits. I am still learning how to ‘do it’
Adrian I’m sorry if this sounds naf but you are an absolute hero of a man, you talked so much sense yours words slotting into place and I know that to live in the now is truly life changing. You ‘re lucky enough not just to know what you know but to deliver it to other people, a special talent. I’m not here to massage your ego (what ego!) but you are something special.
Perhaps we could hook up if you ever found yourself single (joke)
How can so many people be ignorant of this wonderfulness, I talk to anyone who will listen about mindfulness. I dearly want to return to another retreat, perhaps with my son or daughter. I keep in touch with your website
I wish you and your beautiful team much success. I dream of winning the lottery, so that I can give you money to build up your good work.
Lots of love to you all

Julie, Summer Retreat 2016

Hi Adrian and the team, just wanted to drop you a line thank you for a fantastic weekend. I attended the retreat, looking for guidance on how I could live a more fulfilled and peaceful life. I know it takes practice and I have to work on being mindful, but I learnt some very valuable lessons. I intend to keep practicing as I know this will help me unlock the calm I strive to achieve.

I met some amazing people and had some wonderful experiences, the trip from Manchester was well worth the journey.


Gary, Summer Retreat 2016

Hi guys just a quick message, thanks to the whole team you have changed my life, I feel the best I’ve ever felt and I would like to come on the next retreat for some more of that medicine, please can you give the next date!
Many thanks,
Gary Dunlop

Helen, Everyday Mindfulness Course 2016

I just wanted to say thanks as well for the course overall. I have really enjoyed it, and there have been some really important lessons in it for me. It has also been well timed for me to coincide with a period of real struggle in my life and the help it has given me has been incredible. I will definitely be signing up for one of the summer retreats.

Many thanks again

Lyn, Summer Retreat 2016

Hi All

I came to the Retreat on 8 July not too sure what was going to happen but just hoping to find a little peace.

I certainly found peace and a whole lot more besides! It was an amazing weekend and has changed so much about me – life looks good and I have never felt so calm about things. The first weekend retreat for me but certainly not the last.

Thank you
Lyn xx

Shanna, Summer Retreat 2016

To all you lovely people at lovelifelivenow, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you all for a wonderful weekend in Suffolk. It is rare to witness such a powerful love and willingness to share the beautiful gift that is mindfulness. The loving energy that surrounded the weekend has been a huge inspiration to me in the week that followed. I have found a peace in my heart that rarely makes an appearance and for that I am so very grateful. What’s more I called my Dad yesterday to find out how he has been since the weekend and he told me that he hasn’t experienced anxiety or depression all week! Wow!

You really are a special group of people sharing a life changing message. I already have friends and family queuing up to come with me next time I come on one of your wonderful weekends.

Thank you for your passion, love and beauty, you have made a huge difference to my life. I will continue to practice mindfulness and will greatly look forward to returning to The Now Project soon.

With very much love,
Shanna xxx

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