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Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night of the Soul

Now mindfulness is becoming mainstream and many more people are passing through a 6 week class or even on retreat, I believe it’s even more important to talk about life after you start to live mindfully. For some people this phenomenon, dark night of the soul, I’m going to talk about may take many years […]

Disobedience and compassion

Disobedience and the Cultivation of Compassion

If you only got into Mindfulness because you had tried everything else and were desperate to find relief from your mental suffering, to escape some neurosis, or you simply wanted to quieten your mind so that you could get the edge in a competitive world, then you need to understand one thing now. Before you […]


Resentment and the Power of Forgiveness

A few years ago, whilst attending my first retreat, I sat listening to one of Adrian’s talks and I remember him asking us all “Is anyone here holding onto resentments?” Quite a few people raised their hand (I’ll come back to whether I did or not in a moment). With hands raised and resentments being […]


Why Retreat

Now Project retreats are not about running from the world; in fact they are the very opposite. On retreat we engage fully with the world in the present moment and it is from this place of presence that we open ourselves up for insights arise. We start our retreats getting to know one another and […]


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The Now project team are dedicated to building a mindful world from the inside out. Follow this link to find our more about what we do and why. Read more

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