White Dragon Retreat – November 2013

Thank you everyone who came to our mindfulness retreat last weekend. It was a fantastic success. Our winter retreats are very different in flavour to the summer ones. The retreat centre can only accommodate 20 so with myself and the team it only leaves room for 16 guests, that’s a ratio of one teacher to every four […]

The Wuji Retreat – Summer Of Love 2013

The Wuji retreat at the end of August which stands out for many reasons.  We’ve had people traveling from as far as the Midlands before and I though we were doing well when one of guests traveled all the way down from Doncaster, but this retreat broke all records, one guest traveled all the way […]

Happy Swallows Retreat – 2013

It’s not often that I get to fly like the swallows,  but at our last retreat I did and it felt wonderful.  Have you ever watched the swallows fly? They swoop and dive and perform aerial acrobatics in perfect union with each other, they fly at incredible speed and miss each other by centimeters,  but […]

The Great Oak retreat – Summer of Love 2013

Wow what a weekend,  the weather was fantastic,  the food great and the company wonderful. Thank you everyone for making the weekend so special   This was the largest retreat so far, lots if new faces, and many familiar ones: Rob, Barry, Ketan and Briggitte, all back for more.  It was lovely to see so many […]

Sun and Moon Retreat – Summer Of Love 2013

We’ve never had such a conscious bunch before and some of them had been drawn half way across the country to be part of this.  The most unlikely bunch of people to find on a meditation retreat, there wasn’t a hippy amoungst them. Full time mums, professionals, conceptual artist, musicians, and a very awakened tatoo artist from the […]

Buttercup Retreat – Summer of Love 2013

A large proportion of Retreat farm is meadow land, natural wild grass which is cut for hay.  In between teaching sessions, I quite often take myself off for a walk on my own.  I find somewhere quiet to sit and be still, recharging myself in nature.  I’m often lost in the rolling light catching the […]

New Barn Retreat – Summer of Love 2013

Thank you to everyone who came on our first Mindfulness weekend of the summer, what a lovely bunch of people; you made it really special.  What an amazing weekend, the weather defied the forecast, the rain held off and Sunday lived up to its name and was beautiful. Ketan The new barn is a great […]

Willow retreat – 2012

Our Guests Thank you everyone who came to the Willow retreat a couple of weeks ago. Wow what a weekend!! We were blessed by great weather, sunshine, fluffy white clouds, star lit nights and even a little thunder and lightning for dramatic effect to aid my teaching as we explored the “painbody” under the willow. But […]

Golden Light Retreat – Summer Of Love 2012

Golden Light Retreat As I sit at my laptop writing this, my mind is wondering how to start in giving an account of such a remarkable weekend. I’m looking at the group photo from the retreat and as I do so, the wondering is dissolving and my mind is going quiet, and as always happens […]

Sunny Meadow Retreat – 2012

Sunny Meadow Retreat Thank you everyone who came to the retreat at the weekend, and in case you missed it – it was bloody brilliant!!.  It’s hard work but three days later I’m still buzzing. It’s such a privilege to do this work and it never ceases to amaze me how many people I can […]