Sunny Solstice Retreat – June 2014

Thank you to all our guests old and new. It’s always great to see old faces, Ketan, James, Simon, Martin, Olly and a special thanks to a regular guest Steve because he brought his mum with him this time. Everyone needs a mindful mum.  It’s lovely to see you all again and a joy to witness your awareness growing between each […]

Snowdrop Retreat – Feb 2014

Thank you everyone who came to our last retreat, what a fantastic weekend, even the weather colluded to make it special . There was a real sense of spring in the air, nature is awakening and the ground was covered with snowdrops.  I love this time of year,  we are by no means out of […]

The Diamond Tree Retreat – Jan 2014

There’s a magical tree down at Martinsell and at this time of year it grows diamonds. The diamonds can not be seen by just anyone, to most people they are invisible. Only the initiates can see. To the uninitiated, there is nothing see,  it is just a damp tree, just a grey tree on a grey day.  But […]