spring mindfulness retreat

Spring Mindfulness Retreat

Mindfulness Retreat March 2016We had another wonderful retreat in early March. All our guests were simply amazing, many special moments were shared and we witnessed some major transformations! Our heart felt gratitude to you all! I just wanted to email and say what amazing weekend I’ve had.  I came with no expectations and went with the flow, […]

Essence of Mindfulness

The Essence of Mindfulness

By Oli DoyleWhat is the essence of mindfulness and how do I know if I’m doing it right? In this instructional video Oli will show you one simple way to be sure your practice is on track.More from Oli: The Four Skills of Mindfulness

The Four Skills of Mindfulness

I’m really excited to be sharing this addition to The Portal with you. It’s the first piece provided by our friend Oli Doyle from the other side of the globe! Check out his Contributor Profile for more about his work and now enjoy this wonderful piece giving you some beautifully simple Mindfulness tools. SophieLiving a […]

Oli Doyle

Oli is now available for One-to-one Mindfulness Coaching > Read moreAt the Now Project we have been fans of Oli Doyle’s work for a while. My first introduction to his work was watching his video on making a mindful cup of tea (it’s great and a practice daily – see here). When we started the […]

A lesson in awareness

The tale of an old man’s bag – A lesson in awareness

On my commute to work this morning I was presented with a rather wonderful opportunity. My journey requires a change of trains and a short walk up the stairs over the footbridge and down the other side.Half way up the stairs I found an old man struggling with a heavy bag. A queue was forming […]