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The Now Project Mindfulness coaches have developed their skills and understanding through real life practice, in the ups and downs, heart aches and challenges of life. We are real living, breathing examples of the power of this work and have changed our own lives using the very same practices that we teach.

Our coaches work from a place of presence, helping you to access that stillness within yourself, where you perceive life differently and begin to find your own answers.

Experience Mindfulness

Mindfulness isn’t something you learn. Mindfulness is an experience. We simply assist you in discovering just how powerful it can be.
Mindfulness isn’t really about illness it's about wellness. Mindfulness is about healing yourself. It’s about developing the ability to stand back and observe your thoughts, emotions and conditioned behaviours, and with that awareness, take effective control over yourself and take responsibility for your own mental health and well-being.


“Coaching sessions don’t offer you a cure; they give you the tools and techniques to be your own therapist. Mindfulness isn’t something you ‘do’ for ten minutes a day or even an hour a day.

Mindfulness is a way of life. We can help you to learn to live mindfully, and as you do, experience life from a new state of being.”

Simply Feel Better

Relieve stress
Beat depression
Manage anxiety
Improve concentration
Learn self control
Let go of destructive behaviours
Tackle addictions
Improve your mental and physical health
Quieten your mind
Discover inner peace
Find fulfilment
Get the most from everyday life

Living unconsciously often leads us into a downward spiral which often continues until a crisis point is reached. This is often the spark that puts you on the path to recovery and change. If you are suffering, don’t despair. You’re in the right place.

‘The fires of suffering become the light of consciousness’. Eckhart Tolle

The start of this process is an experience of mindfulness and stillness which creates a gap between you and your obsessive thoughts, habits and patterns. The Now Project coaches can help you to take this first step towards feeling better.

Wake up to a new relationship with yourself and the world you live in.

Mindfulness is about waking up. Its about looking at yourself and the world in a totally new way. Living from the ‘ego’ state makes you feel small and vulnerable and separate from the world around you. Life can feel hopeless as you try to make sense of life through those incessant thoughts in your head which are often irrational, or born from the pain of our past experiences.

Egoic choices often feel familiar, safe and comfortable but can make you feel stuck, unable to choose something different or to break out of old patterns and habits. This causes the same kind of experiences to appear repeatedly in your life.

When we wake up, our sense of self shifts from the unconscious ego state, to the awake, aware and ever present sense of self. This shift in consciousness reveals that you are not separate from your experience. As you begin to approach life differently and learn the power of presence, you can learn to trust your experience. Rather than looking to the outside world to keep you safe, and being ruled by it, you realise that trust and safety is found within. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. As you change within you can be aware of the world changing around you.

“The more you know yourself, the less you are afraid”
Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Now Project coaches can help you to access and experience stillness and presence and to begin to live from a new state of being.

Create your life through the power of presence

Did you know that the present moment is powerful?

Living your life from a still place of presence allows you to stop and gain a new awareness of the way you are behaving, reacting and feeling. Stillness speaks to us and we gain knowings and insights and can begin to take the steps to change your attitudes and your life.

The Now Project coaches can help you :

learn how to access stillness and take a break from your habitual thinking.

become aware of your conditioning, beliefs and unconscious patterns and help you choose something new.

Improve your relationships through a new awareness of others.

React and respond to situations consciously rather than acting from pain or past triggers.

Choose love rather than fear.
Let go of unhealthy habits and relationships.
Allow something new into your life by mindfully choosing new behaviours and responses.
Do things that are difficult and uncomfortable that help you learn and change.
Make decisions from a still place of awareness rather than through listening to all the chatter of the mind.
Help you to create more flow in your life, by following you passions in the moment.
When we live mindfully, every moment of every day becomes a meditation as we become fascinated by simply being awake and aware and noticing how it changes our lives.

More Than 4000 Happy Customer, here’s what they say

Learn and Practice Meditation

The Now Project coaches can assist you with your personal meditation practice. It’s easy to get caught in a pattern of swirling thoughts which sometimes can grow darker and more extreme as we struggle to control them.

Mindfulness meditation brings you into the present moment, simply being aware of sensations, emotions, and thoughts that you’re experiencing "in the now."

Meditation doesn’t have to be about sitting still with your eyes closed. Meditation can be a walk in the park, a cycle ride, ironing or eating an ice cream. It can become part of your everyday life.

Our coaches can help you to begin or to deepen your meditation practice and to experience all the benefits.

Through meditative stillness our answers come in the form of ‘knowings’ which intrinsically feel right and come from a different space than decisions made with the mind. Meditation helps you to find answers.

Emotional Clearing

If you have been to one of our retreats you will already know how powerful Emotional Clearing can be. When we feel emotional discomfort in the body, our natural reaction is to escape from it, by acting out or self medicating. The need to escape emotional pain completely can completely control us and the resulting behaviours can have devastating effects in our lives.

During emotional clearing sessions our coaches will assist you as you sit with emotional pain and allow it to energetically release. Each time you do this the reaction to the pain has less of a hold over you and you can begin to choose something new. You can open up to new reactions and responses, new motivations and feel more in control of yourself. The Now Project coaches will support you as process this emotion.

Explore Spiritual Awakening

Our coaches can help you ask the big questions and explore awakening as you take a deep dive into an exploration of
your true self.

You may simply be interested in the world of spirituality. Perhaps you’re fascinated by the idea of awakening. You might be interested in non duality and the idea of non separation, the nature of the self and the nature of reality. We are happy to be present with you and your ideas and questions. Awakening experiences have different qualities, depths and expressions for different people. The most important thing is not to have an intellectual and philosophical understanding of awakening, but to experience it. Please get in touch if you would like to be here now with these ideas.



I specialise in ‘Awake Life Practice’. This is when we truly live in the awake state. We understand the power of the present moment and Mindfulness becomes a way of life. Rather than operating from the mind, we begin to process information using the inherent wisdom of the heart by tuning into feeling senses, the energy body and intuition. We can learn to feel safer, to trust our experience and begin to express as our true selves more fully.

My own story is a journey of awakening following a very difficult time in my own life when I was a single parent, struggling with deep depression, anxiety and OCDs. Maybe you know what it’s like to be in the depths of despair, feeling utterly stuck with no way of making life better. I had no choice but find a new way forward because my children needed me.

I became passionate about exploring consciousness and the nature of reality. Self-enquiry and mindfulness made the initial changes but what really shifted everything was realising the true nature of who I am, and understanding the Now moment is where everything is experienced and created. I have practiced this in my life for the past 10 years and I am passionate about helping others to wake up, to feel better and live a more conscious life. I love the spiritual and energetic aspect of this work and I am happy to explore this with you.

I can assist you with feelings and emotions, with anxiety, over thinking, being stuck and making change. I can help you to be more conscious of what you are creating and attracting into your life through your state of being and your energetic transmission.

I am a fully qualified teacher and hypnotherapist and I am qualified in Spiritual Counselling.

Retrospectively I realise that Mindful Awareness has been my Knight in Shining Armour.

I am so privileged that my path has lead me to place where I now work with other people who feel lost or are struggling to feel a sense of fulfillment and serenity in their lives. As a counsellor I work mindfully, teaching clients meditation techniques and how to be present in their bodies in order to become the observers of their troublesome minds as a human I struggle with my own dualistic nature.


Mindfulness helped me to overcome serious problems with addiction and it seemed obvious that it offered a real solution. In 2001 by some remarkable good fortune and strange synchronicity I landed a job as a community drugs worker and I was given the chance to test my theory. As far as I know, I was the first person in the UK to use mindfulness as a treatment for addictive behaviours and have been been helping addicts take control of their lives with mindfulness for 15 years. I have been in private practice since in 2003 and since then I have helped hundreds of people.

Find a full and lasting recovery from life threatening addictions, depression, anxiety and many other neurotic conditions.

Mindfulness for me though is not about the treatment of illness, it’s about the rediscovery of wellness, mindfulness is about the discovery of a greater mind about the evolution of human consciousness and the re connection with the universal intelligence far beyond the limits of intellect. I don’t get the opportunity for much one to one coaching these days, but when I do i still really enjoy it and I’d most welcome the opportunity to work with you if you are keen to explore the spiritual dimension to this work as a vehicle for wellness, healing and enlightenment.

All our coaching sessions are over Zoom online, from the comfort of your own home

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