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Barry has been practicing Mindfulness since 2005 and teaching mindfulness with The Now Project since 2012. He is one of the most mindful people that you are likely to meet. Barry lives almost permanently in a state of mindful awareness and is a genuine living breathing example of the power of this work. He is the genuine article – it's not possible to fake his degree of mindfulness.

Barry has transformed himself completely and now dedicates his life to helping others liberate themselves from the troubles of their minds and find happiness and well-being through mindfulness training.

When you come on one of our retreats you'll get to meet Barry, he is a great friend of The Now Project and real driving force in our growth and development. Just to be with Barry is enough to sense his calm healing presence and he is a wonderful gentle and softly spoken teacher.

Barry is available for one to one Mindfulness coaching via Skype.

Get in touch with him to see how he could help you:

barry-circleBarry's Personal Story

I will never forget my first meeting with Adrian. There I was with the weight of the world sitting on my shoulders, looking at this man with a chirpy happy-go-lucky attitude, telling me how good life is NOW without a care for my sorry story or interest in my perceived reality.

At that time I had spent the best part of 20 years abusing substances and alcohol as a means to get through the confusion of existence, only to be unconsciously adding to my discomfort on what seemed to be a constant merry-go-round I was unable to jump off.

One thing above all else that encapsulates our first session of mindfulness was that I already understood on some level what was being conveyed but through my social conditioning and business (or busy-ness!) lifestyle it had been completely trampled over. The truth resonated straight to my heart. Boy what a relief to be able to stand back and observe my reactive responses and watch my programmed ego distort my perceived reality! With the correct tools in place I was able to start making new choices and really appreciate a depth to this life.

I honestly never dreamed life could be so richly rewarding. Now I've reconnected with my true self I would love to share this wonderful journey with you.


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Are you looking for a real alternative to help with mental health issues or simply want to grow your mindful practice with the support of a mindful teacher? Adrian & Barry are available for Mindfulness Training. Contact Adrian or Barry

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