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Jason is a personal trainer. He was introduced to Mindfulness in 2007 to find relief from continued heavy bouts of depression that had left him exhausted and suicidal. He soon realised that Mindfulness and meditation could help him find some space from his troubled mind and threw himself into mindfulness with the same disciplined dedication he'd given to exercise.

Jason is a highly awake and mindful teacher, he still makes a living as a personal trainer, but the nature of his work has changed beyond recognition. Jason teaches mindfulness as a form of physical training. His approach to mindfulness is called 'The way of the body' and is the art of bringing mind and body together through focused attention. This is the essence of mindfulness and it's the key to integrating mindfulness into everyday life.

Jason can teach you how to quieten your mind and how to live in your body, he'll show you how to make every movement, and every sensory experience into a mindfulness meditation. He has a keen personal interest in nutrition and recognises how what we eat, the way that we move and also relax affects our body and mind and he's explored in depth the role of diet in meditation. Jason can help you to get fit and toned and improve your health, but he isn’t really interested getting you to build the 'perfect body' or any other desires of your ego.

Jason understands that when a person is feeling good, as a by product of feeling good, people generally look good and radiate a wonderful energy. Jason is interested in showing you how, through body awareness and the focus of attention, you can quieten your mind, find some inner peace and be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Jason works all over the London area and is available for personal one to one and small group coaching.

If you want a complete holistic personal training experience then Jason's your man. He's an all round nice guy too.

Get in touch with him to see how he could help you:
Mobile: 07958 486 485 or email:


Jason's Personal Story

Before I met Adrian, life had become very difficult for me as I was suffering from depression. I realise now that I needlessly suffered much more than I needed to. Regardless of the pursuits I chose to work towards, after successful attainment of healthy relationships, working for the best employers in my chosen industry, having a big circle of supportive family and friends, nothing I currently owned or experienced seemed to fill the void I was feeling and I didn't know what to do.

I had tried counselling, frequent exercise, following healthy eating guidelines, working less, working more, ending personal relationships, starting others and general chasing material possessions, people, and any other external thing that I was looking to fill the emptiness I was experiencing but it was to no avail in the end.

Adrian was recommended to me by a client I was working with at the time and I was in the darkest place I had ever experienced to date, feeling suicidal. I decided to give Adrian a call. I can honestly say that it has been one of the greatest, most influential and 'mind blowing' (literally!) decisions I have made in my life to date. I can also successfully illustrate that it has also been one of the best investments I have made within myself when I chose to work with Adrian, as my whole life has changed for the better!

Having first worked with professionals from a psychological perspective in terms of therapy and counselling, I was first surprised by how reassuring, honest, humble and generally loving he was to me as a stranger, upon our first initial meeting. I was made to feel immediately at ease by his sense of humour and comfortable with him after literally being in his company for approximately 5 minutes. I had yet to experience this with the other 'therapists' that I went to see in the past.

As I write this, I smile to myself as I allow the magic and experience of life to flow through me now. Whereas before, life was a boring, tedious, painful event in which the harder I also tried to control events along the way, the more negative my experience of the world became. Life is challenging at times, and a little uncertain but now I experience it from a point of non judgement, excitement and wonder as I allow myself to be cradled by the present moment.

I feel privileged and eternally grateful and appreciative to be able to say I have now developed my practice enough that I now work alongside the very man who opened up life's magic to me. Now knowing that Adrian, myself and life are all working together harmoniously I rest peacefully knowing we are an unstoppable team! My health continually improves, physically, mentally and emotionally and I now experience a sense of peace that I never thought would be attainable, in this lifetime anyway! I feel most blessed and gifted now also to be able to help others should they now choose to love life and live now!


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