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You'll meet Paul if you come on one of our retreats and he often also helps out with the teaching at our Miracle of Mindfulness classes. He was one of the original founders of The Now Project and has been a great friend and supporter since we started in November 2010.

Paul came to Mindfulness in 2007 at a very dark point in his life and once he saw the possibilities he practiced like his life depended on it. Which it did. And Paul still claims, to this day, that mindfulness not only transformed his life, it saved it!

Soon after beginning his practice Paul experienced a series of profound realisations which radically changed his outlook and how he lives his life. He became keenly interested in meditation, consciousness and the nature of reality and over the last few years his explorations have led him to study vedic yogas, eastern mysticism and the transformational power of breathing.

Paul teaches meditation on our retreats and if you could incorporate a few of these exercises in to your routine you'll likely find significant progress in your mindfulness practice. He's an all round nice guy who has cultivated a high degree of compassion, so you'll only ever find him to be warm, friendly and understanding. He's great if you need advice or help with your practice. Paul is available for personal mindfulness coaching

paul-circlePaul's Personal Story

Living in the now has transformed my whole life, there you go that's all you need to know about me.

No, oh ok, here goes then…

I came to mindfulness in a difficult period of my life (if you want to know more details ask me at the London classes or our retreats, I will tell anyone that listens) it really was falling apart. I couldn't see a way through.

I searched the web and found a rather strange man who when I went to see him would laugh at my so called problems, 'we don't do issues' he would tell me. Now this was a new experience, but for some reason I kept going back and soon realised the power of the present moment.

This strange man, who is now one of my best friends (Adrian), taught me mindfulness. He called it present moment awareness, Mindfulness wasn't the buzz word back then, just simply living in the moment, fully without judging, criticising and blaming. No past regrets, no future thinking, just this moment.

I practiced mindfulness like my life depended on it, which of course it did and still does and I have managed to completely change my life for the better or, more to the point, my outlook on life – how should it be? As it is.

This is a life long practice that quickly becomes a new way of living and this is available to everybody right here, right now. If you practice these simple teachings it will change you. It's not religious so is open to anyone who feels there should be more to life than what you're currently experiencing. It is my privilege to work for the Now Project and over the years I have seen countless people experience a new reality. One that isn't lived through the story in their head and the constant noise of our monkey minds.

This project is about waking people up and then helping them on this journey of self discovery so one by one we can change the world for the better but that all starts with you.


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