Beyond the Self – Advanced Mindfulness Retreat 2018 - Sorry Fully Booked

Beyond The Self Advanced Retreat
Mindfulness and World Transformation


A three day retreat for anyone already practising mindfulness and seeking to explore the spiritual depth of mindfulness, the nature of consciousness, awakening and the liberation of humanity.

When:  Friday 24 – Monday 27 August (Bank holiday weekend)
Where: The Mindfulness Centre, Suffolk Cabins, Gislingham Road, Thornham Magna, Suffolk, IP23 8HH
How much: £340 – All inclusive with 3 nights accommodation in the cabins - Fully booked 
or £260 – All inclusive with 3 nights camping
Payment Terms: £100 deposit to secure place, then balance to be paid one month before retreat

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What is the weekend about?

Many of us are drawn to mindfulness to find relief from some form of mental or physical suffering, and of course it's really helpful for that, but when you have been practising for a while you discover that mindfulness is about so much more. As your thinking quietens, you identify less and less with the thoughts in your head and in that space of mindfulness you begin to uncover a depth to yourself and a depth to reality that you could not perceive before. This is the spiritual dimension and when it comes into focus there is a shift in understanding and all life takes on a profound new meaning.

This three day retreat is for anyone already practising mindfulness and who wants to explore the spiritual dimension to mindfulness. We'll explore how with mindful awareness we can transcend the intellect, overcome the limitations of our conditioning, step out of the web of illusion and access higher levels of mind. We'll explore how to tune into the collective human consciousness and ultimately the consciousness behind all creation and how through each and very mindful interaction we can spread the energy of mindfulness and ultimately bring a new world into being.

We have an amazing weekend lined up for you; mindfulness, meditation, Chi Kung, dynamic meditations, mindful walking, mindful eating and even an 'Osho style mindful rave' to ensure that you remain in a deep state of mindfulness for the duration of your stay. We have pulled together some of the best mindfulness teachers going to bring their own unique approach to mindfulness teaching. By popular demand we welcome back Marcus, a Chi Kung master with nearly 30 years experience to share his insights and understanding and to introduce you to the metaphysical aspects of this ancient art. As always the team will be on hand to help with your practice, answer questions and most importantly help hold you in a deep state of mindfulness for the whole weekend. You'll enjoy the best vegetarian food, in mindful company in the gorgeous natural beauty of our retreat centre in rural Suffolk. Take a holiday from your head and discover how to be a part of the mindfulness transformation.



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Arrive from 4pm onwards
7.00pm: Dinner
Settle in, chill out by the campfire
Evening fun and entertainment to include: Mindful drawing, Kundalini Yoga and the famous appreciation game.



8.00am: Chi Kung with Marcus – chi energy and intention.
Chi Kung is the foundation of Tai Chi. This 3000 year old meditation practice is widely used in Chinese medicine for health and well-being. Chi Kung is the perfect compliment to your mindfulness practice. A simple set of standing and moving meditations, Chi Kung teaches you how to be mindful of the body and through body focus and attention access the more subtle dimensions, and connects you the energy field of your body. Marcus has been studying Chi kung for nearly 30 years, like all our teachers he teaches “the pathless path” stripping away unnecessary complication. He has a fun relaxed style of teaching and he will lead into a deep state of mindfulness through gentle movement and body awareness. This is the perfect start to your retreat.

9.30am: Breakfast
Paulette's special porridge , toast, cereal, fresh fruit, fruit juice.

10.30am: Welcome, introductions & outline for the weekend

11.30am: How to Breathe – A lesson in mindfulness with Jason
Jason will introduce you to his own version of this profoundly simple teaching from the Great Mindfulness master Thich Naht Hahn.


12.30pm: Teaching: Sweet Surrender – Radical acceptance as a mindfulness practice2.00pm:Lunch

3.30pm: How to walk – Mindful walking meditation, more simple teachings from the master

4.00pm: School of Meditation
Paul will be teaching meditation techniques from different meditation traditions to help you cultivate mindfulness in your daily life.


5.30pm: Teaching: The Language of the Matrix – Energy Intention and the Spiritual dimension
Adrian will explore what they call in the east, 'The energy of Mindfulness', and the power of intention. We will examine the collective consciousness and the nature of reality, quantum physics and the teaching of the ancient masters. Through mindfulness of the body, you can bring into focus the energy field of the body and cultivate the “sixth sense” through which we can access the spiritual dimension. Adrian will explore the language of the matrix, “transmission of the teaching”, the “maharishi effect”, world transformation through meditation and mindful energetic intention.

7.00pm: Dinner

8.30pm: Camp fire plus mindful entertainment to include:
Dynamic meditation led by Paul and a mindful rave in the marquee



8.00am: Chi King with Marcus
Marcus will help to bring you deeply into the mindful state of awareness and gently lead you through a series of Chi Kung exercises into connection with the energy field of the body and ultimately the interconnection of all things.

9.30am: Breakfast

10.30am: School of Meditation
Paul will introduce you to some meditation practises from the Vedic schools of meditation that are aimed at transcending the false self and attaining self realisation.


12.30pm: Teaching: The Ego – The divided self and the fall from grace
Adrian will explore the false self, the ego; how it is created and how it possesses human consciousness. He will point you toward the structures of your own ego, the ego's patterns, beliefs and conditioned responses. Adrian will get you to challenge your perceptions and to let go of “the story of you”, that keeps you trapped in fear and limitation, demonstrating how the ego creates suffering and destroys your potential. and will demonstrate how the ego is the root of suffering; how it is the cause of our fall from grace and the cause of our disconnection from consciousness.

The Enlightened Self Meditation – Adrian will finish the teaching with a guided meditation; a meeting with your enlightened self and ultimately a more profound realisation of who you are.

2.00pm: Lunch

3.00pm: Ego destruction session with Jason

Break – Quiet time

5.30pm: Teaching: Ego, Mind Control and the Babylonian System
Adrian will explore how vulnerable we are to manipulation and mind control when we live only through intellect and the worship of it. He will reveal how our reality is programmed through the intellect and how through ego, the slave programme is embedded in our perception which condemns humanity to live in a false consciousness, from which we are controlled from the shadows.
He will take a brief look at the dark side and some of the structures of the Babylon system through which our false consciousness is perpetuated and humanity enslaved. The money system, legal systems, education system, and the media system and he will demonstrate how fear, desire and separation are weapons of enslavement.

We will finish the teaching with a guided meditation – The Realisation of Being Meditation

7.00pm: Dinner

8.00pm: Camp fire with mindful entertainment to include:
The famous appreciation game, Mindful drawing with Sophie, Kundalini Yoga with Paul



8.00am: Chi Kung with Marcus

9.30am: Breakfast

10.00am: How to Sit, How to Eat – Jason's version of two of Thich Nhat Hahn's profound lessons in mindfulness


12.00pm: School Of Meditation
Paul will be leading a Kundalini Yoga meditation, to help charge the energy field of the body

1.00pm: Lunch

2.00pm: Teaching: The Mirror – As within so without, creating a new earth with mindful intention
Adrian will explain how energetic intention is the language of the matrix and how awareness of the energy field is the vehicle to higher states of consciousness. He will introduce you to the vibrational nature of reality and show how this is the blueprint for the world that we experience. You'll learn how to develop the sixth sense and through that access the 4th dimension, the spiritual dimension. We will explore the greater mind beyond the body, collective human consciousness and the universal mind. When we are locked in a vibrational state of fear or desire we are trapped in lower states of awareness and how we unconsciously create the world we live in. We will look at the transforming power of mindfulness practices of compassion, loving kindness and the art of gratitude. He will show how mindfulness increases your vibration and projects a higher frequency into the field of consciousness so we may tune into higher possibilities of reality.

Short Break

3.00pm: Emotional clearing meditation and loving kindness meditation
Adrian and the team will lead this powerful meditation practice aimed at bringing the shadow self into the light of awareness. Transmute suffering into joy and energetically purify yourself a bring a new world into focus.

Short Break

4.15pm: Thank you and goodbyes – The wider work of the Now Project

4.30pm: Retreat Ends


The Now Project Retreats are set in the most perfect location

Surrounded by woodland it is immersed in nature and outside is the lawn and purpose built fire pit. Be sure to say hello the Green Man chainsaw carvings in the benches.phoca_thumb_l_bunk-room-4
For this retreat we have 2 choices…

The Log Cabins
These cosy cabin are joined to the kitchen and dining area. The bedrooms are basic but they are clean warm and cozy. Each room has private wash facilities and sleeps two in a purpose built in bunk-bed. If you come as a couple you can have a room to yourselves, if you come on your own then we'll find you someone to share with, same sex, sorry. And please don't fight over the top bunk!
There is full wheel chair access and everything is on ground level.
Cost for the weekend with cabin bed: £340

Join us in the garden to sleep under the stars (well under canvas!) Bring your own tent and pick your pitch. You will still have access to the main building for showers and toilets.
Cost for the weekend with camping: £260

There is plenty of space to chill-out around the site. There are plenty of showers, toilets and a wet room for use for all guests.


Suffolk Cabins (

The Now Project Mindfulness Retreat venue nestles within the fabulous Thornham Magna Estate, in mid Suffolk. It is immersed in nature, there is no sound of human activity at all, no traffic, just woodland, forest animals, bird song and the sounds of nature.

The ancient woodland collaborates in our work and just by sitting quietly you can feel the stress of the city, worries, problems and all that head stuff simply dissolving as nature begins it’s work. Switch off your phone and your gadgets and unplug from the madness and let nature bring you home, back to yourself, back to the source. Blessed with miles of parkland, free open spaces, wildlife, ancient woodland and one of the finest arboretums in the country, it's is the perfect get away and the ideal environment for you to discover the simple joys of mindful living.

It’s about 1 hour and 40 minutes drive from London and 1 hour 20 minutes by train to the nearest station and if you ask nicely we can probably arrange a lift from the station.

How to get there:

By Car
Full address for Google Maps / Sat Nav:
The Suffolk Cabins Red House Yard Gislingham Road Thornham Magna IP23 8HH
The Retreat is approximately an 1 hour 40 minutes drive from London (according to google maps.)

By Train
The Retreat is about 4 miles from Diss Station which is on the main line from London Liverpool Street to Norwich (Approx. 1 hour 20 minutes) Trains run half hourly from London. We will provide transport to the retreat centre from Stowmarket station to guests arriving at approx. 4pm & 6pm. If you cannot make these times there is a cab office in the car park of the station. Discounted train tickets can be purchased in advance from

Download this information and locality map as PDF

suffolk cabins location

food and drink

All meals are included and mindful eating is a really important part of your mindfulness training.

We don't insist that you are vegetarian and some of our teachers will openly confess that they eat meat, but vegetarian food lends it's self this kind of work; we want you to get the most from your retreat experience, so all meals are vegetarian (Vegan options also available). When you practice mindfulness meal times can become an important part of your practice, each mouth full can be a meditation and you'll discover a far greater appreciation of everything you eat.

Meals are prepared from fresh produce with loving mindful attention which an essential ingredient and an important but often overlooked aspect of it's nutrition. We will contact you after your booking with the weekend menu allowing you to notify us of any dietary requirements

We'll also provide fresh fruit, snacks, and as much tea and coffee as you want, but if you could mindfully make it yourself, it would be helpful.


Some of the lovely things our guests say about the weekends…

“Thanks for a wonderful weekend. Beautiful people and a beautiful setting. Everything was a highlight, even the quiet moments of nothing! Love to you all xxx” Julia

“Brothers, Sisters: You guys have changed my life, and this daft grin on my face (that refuses to go away) is all thanks to you! Love and light your way, every way, always.” Natalie

“Hi everyone Thanks for a wonderful weekend full of challenge, laughter and enlightenment.” Amanda

“We had a fantastic weekend. Thank you so so much for sharing so much with us.” Ellen

“Great weekend, thanks guys” Stephen

“Thanks a million to you and your enlightened, caring team for a truly uplifting experience. From start to finish the weekend was an adventure and quest to live in the “now”. It’s Monday morning and I feel so alive, all my senses are turbo charged. The retreat weekend does more than it says on the tin. The welcome, location, fun, food, friendships, challenges, exercises etc etc make you come alive and I celebrate a new beginning.” Gerry

"A huge thank you to you, Paul, Jason, Sophie and Brad for a fantastic weekend. Thank you for helping me on Sunday morning, I really appreciated it, you have made a big difference to my life. Looking forward to hearing details of the Winter retreats." Jeanette

"I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I absolutely loved it – the people, the food, the teachings, the practice, the peace…I have been so chilled out and mindful ever since! Thank you" Helen

"I came to your retreat at the weekend with a simple expectation… relax and find some head space. OMG!! I have been truly blown away by my experience. I CAN ACTUALLY FEEL AGAIN. How amazing is that:-) every single one of the orange tshirt gang helped me in one way or another. I’ve never felt so comfortable in a group of strangers, and NOW I feel comfortable in myself. Thank you sooooo much. See you all soon." Jean

"Thank you for an amazing weekend. I can’t stop thinking about how inspiring it was and everyone was. My life has changed for the better, I already feel like a different person. Truly perfect!" Kirsty

"So…It’s unlike me to post something as earnest as this but it’s been a week now since I went on a meditation retreat run by the guys at the Now Project and I can honestly say it was the best £200 I’ve ever spent. This is not a sponsored post and I’m still the tax paying Tory-voting science geek I’ve always been but the effects have been so profound I had to share my experience.

At work, I’ve found myself smiling at the sort of minor nonsense that a week ago would have angered me to the point of ruining my day. I’m getting more stuff done and I can just feel that I’m a happier and possibly nicer person to be around.

Anyone remotely interested in bullet proofing their minds to stress get involved on one of their intro evening courses at Portland Place, or better still go to a retreat. Meditation is an ancient practise that is fundamental to yoga and Buddhist philosophy but there’s nothing religious or New Age about these guys all the techniques they teach you can do while sitting down in a chair and they’re all backed by clinical studies that have shown how beneficial meditation is. However, there is one thing weird about them, they are all seasoned meditators and they’re quite literally OFF THEIR TITS on happiness. Which is something you don’t often see in human beings beyond the age of 4.

Anyway, I’m rambling on. I’m looking to attend one of the six week evening courses starting mid October. If anyone wants to join me let me know. It’s not “some bloody hippy free for all”*. It’s great and it’s too good not to shout about. Michael

I have noticed changes to myself being a lot more happier than ever, letting this go more than before, and even other people noticing my happier being, they have been asking what's happened and I've told them, my best weekend I've had in years at the retreat and they should go!

 Sorry Fully Booked

Mindfulness Weekends like no other…


Only 1 hour 40 minutes from London

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The Cabins & Grounds

Suffolk Cabins and the surrounding grounds make our retreat weekends the perfect environment for a mindful weekend



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