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Take Your Mindfulness Practice To A New Level

  • Introduction To Mindful Manifesting – Create A New World From With Yourself

  • Plug back into Being – Enjoy a rest from your head

  • Deepen Your Practice

  • Sound Bath Meditation – Raise the vibration

  • Emotional Clearing meditation  – Heal within, heal without

  • Satsang – enjoy the presence of other quiet minded people

  • Enjoy the Now, have a laugh –

  • Spread The Love


Your Teacher

Adrian Rides 

Line Up – Morning

10.00 Welcome Tea Coffee

10.30 – Meditation – Inner Body meditation

11.00  Teaching Adrian   – Big Mind / Small Mind – The Primacy Of Being – Ego or Source, Mindful manifesting

Break Tea / Coffee

12.00  Steve Mindful’s magic sound bath

Lunch – There are many good cafes and places to eat in Neal’s Yard and near by


Afternoon Lineup

2 pm with  Teaching with Adrian –  What are you being? – introduction to the art of mindful manifesting


3.00pm  – Emotional Clearing Meditation

3.45pm – What now ? Spread The Love

4 pm  Workshop Ends


Satsang – means sitting in the presence of truth.

When you get a group of mindful people together  who can hold a high degree of mindfulness, something interesting happens. The collective attention raises the vibration of everyone involved  in the east this is sometimes called the transmission of the teaching, the teaching isn’t in the words its in the energetic exchange between the teacher and the student, and between the students themsleves. But beyond that it raises the collective consciousnes, and maybe the entire fabric of reality, but we won’t go there just yet, this is only an introduction.

Steve Mindful’s Magic Sound Bath

(It’s OK you can keep your clothes on)


Everything is energy and everything is a wave form. Sound waves have been used for healing and meditation for thousands of years. Steves and his collection of Tibetan Bhutanese bowls will bathe you in sound waves, tuned to energetic centres in the body they can  transport you into a deep state of meditation the perfect space for restoration and inner enquiry.



Neals Yard – Meeting Rooms, 14b Neals Yard, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9DP

 Charing Cross 5 minutes  Leicester Square 4 mins, Covent Garden 3 mins, Charing Cross 5 mins, Embankment 6 mins



Saturday 8th February 10am to 4pm

Saturday 21st March 10.00am to 4pm