Italy Retreat

6 Day Intensive Awakening Mindfulness Retreat – Italy

Monday 23rd – Sunday 28th September 2019

Casa Rosa, Via Dante, 1, 28887 Agrano di Omegna VB, Italy

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The Dream Retreat…

“This is the retreat that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s about awakening from the dream of thought, stepping beyond the limits of our perception and accessing our true nature and potential. Through inner transformation, we bring a new world into being by creating a new world within ourselves. The next step on the journey of awakening is to access a new way of living which is fully in alignment with the eternal now. It’s about living in love and trusting our experience which creates flow and synchronicity. As we learn to live as our true selves, we become conscious creators in the expression of each moment.

This Awakening Intensive is an experiential journey to explore these ideas. It came to me in meditation by a waterfall in the Italian Alps. After 3 days of mindful walking, connecting with nature and sitting in awe of the mountains, the realisation came:

“Bring people here, help them to clear their minds and experience the silence within, that infinite space of awareness, help them see beyond the deception of ego, to experience their true self, the eternal now, beyond time and limitation”.

When we are in the flow, there is no interference of ego, we are guided by the heart and gut, and synchronistic signposts to point the way. I experienced this as I was taken straight to the door of ‘Casa Rosa’ run by Thomas and Erika, the most perfect venue and the perfect partnership for this retreat to manifest.

If this calls to you, then something deep inside you knows that this is the next step for your life. I invite you to join us, in this life-changing awakening intensive.

Just you and 11 other people at Casa Rosa will participate in this retreat in the beautiful Village of Agrano, Italy in the Alps. A remote village in the most magical mountains, with fabulous views, waterfalls and woodlands. We will bring you back from the drama in your head, back to nature, back to yourself. We will draw water from the life-giving spring and eat only organic whole food prepared upon conscious principles of nutrition and energetic exchange. We will stay in a building renovated with harmonious forms and colouring to help develop creative forces.

Our conscious team and I will hold you safe and secure with our presence as we explore the greater mind, the nature of reality and the infinite possibility of the Conscious self”

Adrian Rides, The Now Project

The Venue – Casa Rosa

We’re really excited to bring you to our new Italian venue, proudly owned and lovingly operated by Thomas and Erika Richter. This new space gives us the opportunity to nourish the minds, bodies and souls of our guests in a safe, intimate and caring environment.

Casa Rosa is a stunningly renovated Italian house in the centre of Agrano, a village near Orta Lake, in Northern Italy. It boasts a number of beautiful rooms, harmoniously designed with thoughtful form and a restful colour palette throughout. It’s inspiration is drawn from the spiritual architect Heniz Grill. Each space has been designed to enable it’s inhabitants to discover and explore the creative forces within them, yet are simple, clean and spacious.

On site, you will enjoy access to a Yoga Studio, meditation room and space for quiet contemplation; a sauna, a “Joy Of Sensuality” wet room which is fed by Agrano spring waters.

To view the location of Casa Rosa on Google Maps, please click here


£200 deposit is due immediately to secure your place.
Balance due 30 days before the retreat


At the retreat centre itself, (Casa Rosa) we have a number of rooms: 2 x twin rooms, 2 x single rooms and a deluxe double. The rooms are designed upon principles of sacred architecture and each has its own special, unique features.

Each price listed below is based on a per person (pp) basis and includes full board for 6 nights.

Shared triple – £749pp

Shared Twins : £795 pp

Single Rooms : £849 pp SOLD OUT


Alternative accommodation is offered at a nearby house, located a mere 100 metres from the retreat centre and easily accessible by foot (2 mins walk). This is a private home, and offers 2 x double rooms, 1 x twin room and 1 x triple room.

Double Room : £749pp

Shared twin – £749 pp

Shared triple – £696pp

What’s the week about

This intensive awakening retreat is for anyone who wants to step beyond the limiting beliefs of current perception and access their true nature. This deep exploration and transformational awakening will enable access to a whole new world within & pave the way for conscious creation. Living in the eternal now creates flow and synchronicity – are you ready to join us on this truly unique journey within?

Working with small group numbers allows our team to offer individual, personalised attention and guidance to each participant – no matter where they may be on their own journey of self discovery. Over the course of the week, we will gently lead novice mindful practitioners to a place of complete awareness. Participants will gain invaluable insights & clarity and experience possibilities beyond normal perception….

We have an amazing week lined up for you; mindfulness, meditation, dynamic meditations, mindful walking, mindful eating, conscious cook and meal preparation. We have pulled together some of the best mindfulness teachers going to bring their own unique approach to mindfulness teaching. As always the team will be on hand to help with your practice, answer questions and most importantly help hold you in a deep state of mindfulness for the whole week.

You’ll enjoy the best organic vegetarian food, in mindful company in the gorgeous natural surrounds of the stunning Italian Alps; prepared daily adhering to the principals of conscious nutrition

The Now Project Team

The Now Project team looking after you on this retreat will comprise of Adrian, Jo, Jihan and Hamish; along with support from Thomas and Erika who run their own series of mindful and wellbeing events at Casa Rosa. Our team are caring, empathetic and highly skilled; we embrace conscious and mindful living in our own lives on a daily basis and have developed skills and understanding through real life practice, in all the ups and downs, heart aches and challenges of life. We are very much looking forward to hosting you on this magical retreat and spending some wonderful, transformative moments with you.

How to get there

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport to Casa Rosa is Malpensa Airport.

We have found a couple of airlines and possible flight options * (see below) that would get you from the UK to Agrano. We have arranged a mini-bus to pick everyone up from Malpensa airport and transfer to Casa Rosa at 7pm on Monday 23rd September.

We can arrange a pick-up for you – please liaise directly with us once your travel arrangements are confirmed.

Suggested Flights

Airline : Easyjet
Route : London Gatwick to Malpensa
Flight Number : EJU8193
Time : Departs at 13.45, arrives at 16.50
Airline : Ryanair
Route : London Stansted to Malpensa
Flight Number : FR8729
Time : Departs at 08.45, arrives at 11.40

Airline : Flybe
Route : Birmingham to Malpensa
Flight Number : BE7113
Time : Departs at 11.10, arrives at 14.10

Airline : Easyjet
Route : Manchester to Malpensa
Flight Number : EJU2922
Time : Departs at 16.55, arrives at 20.05

* Please feel free to look into other options that may be more suitable to you and speak with us before booking any flights so we can co-ordinate pick-ups, timings etc.

The Line Up

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The Venue

A few photos from Casa Rossa & surrounds

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