Mindfulness Therapy and Personal Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Therapy and Personal Coaching

Via Skype from the comfort of your own home

Relieve stress * Beat depression * Manage anxiety * Improve concentration * Learn self control * Let go of destructive behaviours * Tackle addictions * Improve your mental and physical health *Quieten your mind * Discover inner peace * Find fulfilment *Get the most from everyday life

Mindfulness is taking the world of psychotherapy by storm and there is overwhelming clinical evidence to show that mindfulness therapy is an effective treatment for depression, anxiety disorders, stress, chronic pain, anger issues, addictions and whole host of other emotional, physical and mental health issues. There are literally hundreds of scientific studies demonstrating this and we routinely see people completely transform themselves with the power of this work.

Rewire your Brain with Mindfulness

There's nothing new about mindfulness. It's been tried and tested for more than 2600 years! What's new is that at last western science is waking up to what mindfulness practitioners have known all along. Mindfulness has a profound effect upon your emotional, mental and physical well-being and it offers you the opportunity to  take personal responsibility for your own mental and emotional health.

Did You Know That Mindfulness literally rewires your brain? You can actually extinguishing unhelpful synaptic connections and increase your grey matter and create new connections in new areas of the brain. Scientists call this neuro-plasticity, your brain is not fixed or static it is ever changing and you can consciously change your brain and take control of how your mind works. Mindfulness actually goes way beyond what research has discovered but here's what is known so far.

Mindfulness increases the grey matter in the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), a structure located deep inside the forehead, behind the brain’s frontal lobe. The ACC is associated with self-regulation, meaning the ability to purposefully direct attention and behaviour, suppress inappropriate knee-jerk responses, and switch strategies flexibly. Mindfulness develops an area of the brain associated with emotions and emotional regulation. It doesn't stop you feeling emotions, but gives you the mental space to deal with them in a healthy way, it won't protect you from the up's and down and the challenges of life but it will develop areas of the brain so that you can deal with them effectively and make clear choices rather than being prone to reaction. In addition to self-regulation, the ACC is associated with learning from past experience to support optimal decision-making. Scientists point out that the ACC may be particularly important in the face of uncertain and fast-changing conditions.

The hippocampus, is another region of the brain thats showed increased amounts of gray matter in the brains of our mindfulness practitioners.  This seahorse shaped area is buried inside the temple on each side of the brain and is part of the limbic system, a set of inner structures associated with emotion and memory. It is covered in receptors for the stress hormone cortisol, and studies have shown that it can be damaged by chronic stress, contributing to a harmful spiral in the body. Indeed, people with stress-related disorders like depression and PTSD tend to have a smaller hippocampus. All of this points to the importance of this brain area in resilience and dealing with stress

These findings are just the beginning of the story. Neuroscientists have also shown that practising mindfulness affects brain areas related to perception, body awareness, pain tolerance, emotion regulation, introspection, complex thinking, insight, emotional intelligence and our sense of self.

In short, mindfulness makes you resilient, helps you overcome negative emotions, deal with pain and trauma, helps you to over ride dysfunctional thinking patterns, helps you to make clear rational decisions and puts you back in control of your life, whatever it throws at you.

"But mindfulness isn't really about illness it's about wellness. Wellness of course is a very effective cure for illness but our coaches do not offer cures, mindfulness is about healing yourself. It's about developing the ability to stand back and observe your thoughts, emotions and conditioned behaviours and with that awareness taking effective control over yourself and taking responsibility for our own mental health and well-being".

You don't need to be unwell to benefit from Mindfulness coaching, and many of the people we work with are looking to improve their performance as well as their well-being. As your mindfulness deepens, situations come into clear focus and free of involuntary mental chatter we find that we can develop higher aspects of our intelligence and organisations worldwide are encouraging mindfulness to help develop creative and original thinking and to cultivate, insight, intuition, emotional intelligence and the unfettered wisdom of the mindfulness masters. This is why mindfulness is so enthusiastically embraced by organisations like Google and Microsoft and is even taught at Yale and Oxford universities.


World Class Mindfulness Coaches

Our Mindfulness coaches have helped more than 500 people towards a full and lasting recovery. They can help you too.

The Now Project Mindfulness coaches are the best you'll find, they are caring, empathetic and highly skilled. All of our coaches are the real deal, they have been living mindfully for a minimum of 10 years, and have developed their skills and understanding through real life practice, in all the ups and downs, heart aches and challenges of life. They are real living, breathing examples of the power of this work and each of them have overcome life threatening mental health conditions using the very same practices that they teach.

If you are interested in seeing how our coaches can help you please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

The Coaches

We have several teachers available for one-to-one Skype sessions. Choose the coach you'd like to work or complete the form with some details about what you're looking for and we can offer our guidance on who may be best suited to you. Any information you give us will be treated in the strictest of confidence.




Mindfulness helped me to overcome serious problems with addiction and it seemed obvious that it offered a real solution. In 2001 by some remarkable good fortune and strange synchronicity I landed a job as a  community drugs worker and  I was given the chance to test my theory. As far as I know, I was the first person in the UK to use mindfulness as a treatment for addictive behaviours and have been been helping addicts take control of their lives with mindfulness for 15 years . I have been in private practice since in 2003 and since then I have  helped hundreds of people find a full and lasting recovery from life threatening addictions, depression, anxiety and many other neurotic conditions.  Mindfulness for me though is not about the treatment of illness, it's about the rediscovery of wellness, mindfulness is about the discovery of a greater mind about the evolution of human consciousness and the re connection with the universal intelligence far beyond the limits of intellect. I don't get the opportunity for much one to one coaching these days, but when I do i still really enjoy it and I'd most welcome the opportunity to work with you if you are keen to explore the spiritual dimension to this work as a vehicle for wellness, healing and enlightenment.

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In 2007 my journey into Mindfulness started with one-to-one coaching so I know first hand how valuable it is. Reading a book or perhaps joining a mindfulness class wouldn't have been enough for me; I really needed that personal touch from someone coming from a mindful space. If you already have a mindfulness practice and would like to go deeper or you're struggling with certain issues and would like some clarity then personal mindfulness training can really help. It would be my pleasure to help you begin the journey of self discovery. Are you ready to meet the real you? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I'll teach you how to live in the now through mindfulness. I also use my background in Kriya Yoga which is the yoga of meditation so we will explore meditation as taught in the East, it's a really wonderful tool going back thousands of years that's more applicable now than ever.

I look forward to working with you 

For Paul's full profile click here

barry-circle Barry

Barry simply radiates the energy of mindfulness. He hasn't had an easy life and he has been presented with many painful challenges, but he meets each new challenge with the clarity and the compassion of mindfulness, and sees each new obstacle as an opportunity to deepen his mindfulness. Barry came to mindfulness in  2005  to tackle life threatening problems with addiction and has turned his life around completely. He has a heart felt desire to ease suffering and to pass on what he has learned. Barry has taught mindfulness with the Now Project since 2012. He is one of the mindful and compassionate people that you can meet and his gentle demeanor and quietly spoken approach is healing in its self.

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jason-circle Jason

Jason was introduced to Mindfulness in 2007 to find relief from continued heavy bouts of depression that had left him exhausted and suicidal. He soon realised that Mindfulness and meditation could help him find some space from his troubled mind and threw himself into a dedicated and disciplined practice.

Jason is a highly awake and mindful teacher and personal trainer. He can teach you how to quieten your mind and how to live in your body. He works in a truly holistic way drawing on his knowledge as a personal trainer and a keen interest in nutrition.

Jason is interested in showing you how, through body awareness and the focus of attention, you can quieten your mind, find some inner peace and be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

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Oli Doyle

Oli has been practising mindfulness since 2003 and teaching since 2009. Since first sitting down to practice, his whole way of living has changed, from a state of worry, anxiety and fear to an abiding sense of calm, peace and delight in life.

Oli has written two books on mindfulness, Mindfulness Plain & Simple and Mindfulness For Life. He lives in Australia and is a new friend of The Now Project. Oli's direct, down to earth approach is loved by many, who want peace without the complicated concepts.

Oli's Story:

When I look back on my life BM (Before Mindfulness), it's almost as if I was a different person. In fact, I was! I was fearful, anxious and reliant on alcohol for a little relief from my raging thoughts.

I spent years trying to understand mindfulness, feeling baffled by spiritual discourse and complicated teachings, and when it finally clicked, I wanted to share the simplicity of mindfulness with the world.

There is nothing I love better than making the complications of life seem simple and showing others the direct path to a life of joy and peace. 

Having found this calm, centred presence in myself, I would love to be a part of your journey.

Yours nowfully,

Complete The Form To Arrange Your Initial Coaching Session

An initial assessment, is an opportunity to meet your coach, to get a feel for what they are like and to explore the nature of your problem and the possibilities that Mindfulness Therapy and coaching can offer you. If after the initial meeting you are confident in our approach and you think mindfulness therapy will help we can create a bespoke treatment programme for you. 

Cost Of the Initial Assessment is £60

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