Weekend Mindfulness Retreats for Everyone

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Where, when, how much…

Where: Suffolk Cabins Red House Yards, Gislingham Road, Thornham Magna Suffolk IP23 8HH

When: 1 – 3 March | 5 – 7 April

How much: Cabins: £290 |  Offsite: £240
Includes all food & refreshments - £100 deposit balance 30 days before your retreat

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Our Mindfulness Retreat weekends are for everyone aged 18 to 80 who want to explore the wonderful possibilities that Mindfulness and meditation have to offer.

Whether you are drawn to mindfulness to ease stress, relieve depression, tackle illness, improve your well-being or achieve spiritual enlightenment these retreats are for you. They are perfect for complete beginners and mindfulness masters alike.

If you are new to mindfulness, you’ll learn everything that you need to be mindful in a weekend. If you are already practising mindfulness then these weekends will take your practice to a new level. They are great fun, the food is fantastic, you’ll meet some wonderful people and you’ll learn something that could change your life.

"Join us for a weekend of love, laughter and learning and discover a profoundly better way of living"

A holiday from your head

What are our Mindfulness Retreat weekends about?

Love, laughter & learning…

It’s great to learn Mindfulness from books or lectures, but in truth Mindfulness is an experience, and books and lectures can only point you in the right direction. Mindfulness can’t be grasped intellectually because mindfulness isn’t a theory, or a belief, or anything to do with mental gymnastics. Mindfulness is a state of being. It’s a heightened state of alert awareness that allows your mind to go quiet. Then you can rest from the constant mental chatter, your problems, worries and head dramas and get on with the really important issue of enjoying your life.

The basic principles of Mindfulness are really simple and there really isn’t much to understand. Mindfulness is all about practice and direct experience. And that is what our Summer of Love Weekends are about, we’ll teach you everything that you need to know to practice mindfulness, but more importantly you’ll get to experience mindfulness for real and live it for an extended period.

From the outset we’ll help you to achieve a deep state of mindfulness and the retreat is designed to help you maintain your mindfulness for much of the weekend. And that will teach you more about mindfulness than any book, lecture or smart phone app ever can. We have a team of really experienced mindfulness practitioners who can hold a high degree of mindfulness and they will help to keep you mindful in between the classes, teaching you mindfulness and advancing your practice to a new level.

We won’t make you dress in robes or sit facing a wall for hours, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just not our style. We prefer to teach mindfulness our own way, we have a modern, plain talking approach to mindfulness, the teaching is no less profound but we want to make it accessible relaxed and fun. It is a holiday after all.

Go on, treat yourself, book yourself on our Mindfulness Retreat Weekend everyone deserves a holiday from their head – even you!

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Why Retreat…

Now Project retreats are not about running from the world; in fact they are the very opposite. On retreat we engage fully with the world in the present moment and it is from this place of presence that we open ourselves up for insights arise.

We start our retreats getting to know one another and getting an understanding of what has brought our guests to our cosy retreat home in the Suffolk countryside. Each weekend brings us a diverse group from all walks of life. Some arrive with real struggles that they are looking to overcome, others are simply curious to know more about Mindfulness and meditation and then we have a good few who really don’t know why they find themselves in a room of strangers on retreat!

And this is the great thing about our retreats, there is no tick list of reasons as to why you might benefit from a weekend in the woods with us! But by the end of the weekend there’s a good chance you’ll know why you came.

Let me share with you my personal experience of going on my first retreat. Back in early 2013 I met Adrian and he was working with me on a 1 to 1 basis, helping me overcome an addiction and the underlying causes of my destructive behaviour. He mentioned that I might enjoy coming on retreat and since the work we were doing was having such a profound affect on my life I didn’t have cause to doubt his recommendation. So I booked myself on a retreat for later that Summer. As the weekend approached I was excited and nervous; this was the first time I’d done anything like this and I didn’t know anyone apart from Adrian (and I’d only ever met him via Skype!) so this was me stepping well out of my comfort zone… and doing so clean and sober!

I arrived on the Friday feeling a little like a lost child to be honest, however it took hardly any time at all for me to feel ok about being there. The warmth of the team, including Jason’s beaming smile, Paul’s calming presence and the sense of safety within their care settled me so that I could start to really open up. Not once did I feel vulnerable in letting my mask drop. It was so refreshing to be able to just be truly authentic. Every talk Adrian gave spoke volumes, every interaction with the team and the other guests had something to offer me. I think over the course of the weekend I experienced every emotion going as I was given the space and safety to explore what is within me. I cried like a wailing banshee and laughed like laughing buddha! It challenged me, it softened me, it stirred the very essence of my being and by the time I left on Sunday I felt so much love for life and it was to be the first of many retreats!

Now I work on our retreats as part of our fantastic team and I get to witness first hand the power of Mindfulness and meditation. When someone arrives on Friday nervous, scared even, and in a place of real suffering and then over the course of the weekend I watch the weight of the world being lifted from their shoulders it is a real honour. In the same way it is to see those guests who arrive simply because they are curious leave on Sunday learning something far more profound than they could ever have anticipated.

Our retreats give you a chance to learn a better way of living, to take home Mindfulness ‘tools’ to help you along the way. They aren’t about intellectual understanding but are experiential – we hold a mindful space for you to explore what living mindfully can offer.

So part from the fact that the food is great, the location is idyllic and the company is pretty good too I would say that going on retreat can be truly life changing and we have hundred’s of guests that would agree.

All that’s required to get the most out of a retreat is an open mind (although a good dollop of a sense of humour and fun will help too!).

Only 1 hour 40 minutes from London

The Teaching Spaces

Our location and venue provides us with some beautiful teaching spaces both indoors and out
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The Cabins and Grounds

Suffolk Cabins and the surrounding grounds make our retreat weekends the perfect environment for a mindful weekend
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