John Machin – Transformational Mindfulness Course

Dear Adrian Thank you for introducing me to mindfulness, you are an inspiring teacher and the course was absolutely amazing. It has transformed my life and I never believed that it was possible to feel so good about life.  See you at the Thursday Group Jonny

Billy, Mindfulness Course 2015

Hello Adrian, I just wanted to say that last night was a turning point for me, I was in such a state of awareness afterwards I actually got on the wrong train and didn’t realise until four stops later. I will be continuing with the breathing exercises as I have found them very helpful and […]

Helen, Everyday Mindfulness Course 2016

I just wanted to say thanks as well for the course overall. I have really enjoyed it, and there have been some really important lessons in it for me. It has also been well timed for me to coincide with a period of real struggle in my life and the help it has given me […]