Beyond the Self 2017

A big thank you to Adrian Paul Jason Barry Marta and Paulette for the most amazing weekend (Beyond The Self) this is the second retreat I have been on now and I can honestly say it has changed my whole way of approaching life I consciously stop myself if I start ruminating about all the rubbish that goes on in our heads and breathe. The woodland surroundings were lovely. The food was great Paulette’s porridge was a great way to start the day and all the dishes that we had were really good (wholesome hearty soul food ) so thank you for that The agenda was packed with interesting workshops the Qi Gong with Marcus was amazing (what a magnetic presence he had has ) and the campfires in the evening were fun too giiving us time to chat and reflect on our day or if you wanted to just sit and be that was ok too (there is something very magnetic about a campfire)
I met some amazing people on the retreats which is a great part of it too people from all parts of the country all ages all with their own reasons for coming to the retreat.
Two or three people have said to me this past week Jill yiou seem different very positive and full of life are you on anything to which I replied ‘No I am just Happy.’
We all felt a little sad when we said our goodbyes mind you I couldn’t feel too sad as travelling on the train to London with some of the gang was fun then Marta (whose calming presence is lovely) went on her way and last part of journey was myself and Happy well need I say more he is just a bundle of happy energy) hope you don’t mind me saying that Happy.
So if any of you reading this are thinking shall I go along I can truly say Just do it. I did and I’m so pleased I did when I so nearly didn’t.
Thank you guys

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