Beyond the Self 2017

WOW yet again……This is my second retreat here with “The now project” my first being in April. A huge thanks yet again to all of the team there on retreat and behind the scenes. I really appreciate everyones efforts to bring together such a beautiful powerful and peaceful place to come and hang out in my spare time to relax, learn, grow and just BE.
The energy of the space you guys all hold is so amazing its like being in a big safe bubble of positivity that’s infectious to all that come. The healing that take place is lovely and powerful, the team really help you to let go of the mental chatter and trappings of life we all get stuck in. The Chi Gung…. just lovely…. so gentle and soft, Marcus takes you on a beautiful journey of flowing movements and serenity he explains the movements with ease in that beautiful velvet healing voice of his.

Coming to retreat leaves you charged with this positivity that seeps right into your being and soul and stays with you long after you leave your weekend. Heartfelt gratitude to everyone in the team and everyone in attendance for the lovely energy and company.
Love and blessings Krissy x

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