Brenda, Spring Retreat 2016

Dear Adrian and all the team
I came to the March retreat, I have been aware of meditation for a few years and I know it’s extraordinary benefits. I am still learning how to ‘do it’
Adrian I’m sorry if this sounds naf but you are an absolute hero of a man, you talked so much sense yours words slotting into place and I know that to live in the now is truly life changing. You ‘re lucky enough not just to know what you know but to deliver it to other people, a special talent. I’m not here to massage your ego (what ego!) but you are something special.
Perhaps we could hook up if you ever found yourself single (joke)
How can so many people be ignorant of this wonderfulness, I talk to anyone who will listen about mindfulness. I dearly want to return to another retreat, perhaps with my son or daughter. I keep in touch with your website
I wish you and your beautiful team much success. I dream of winning the lottery, so that I can give you money to build up your good work.
Lots of love to you all

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