Kamila – June 18

Hi Paul and the Team,

I am really enjoying this summer! The retreat I went to (June) had a massive impact on my enjoyment! It was great way of getting the best idea of what our extraoridinary life is all about, it is so simple and I stupidly used to over complicate it. Well, this is over. I watch myself, know and understand better. Yes,I have read books, listened to podcasts, met many inspirational people, but none of those affected me as weekend with you did. I know it is just the beginning, and I am taking it easy, but I feel so much lighter, happier and relaxed, beautiful.
I am delighted I could be part of The Now Retreat. You are super special people doing so much good. I had loads effortless joy there. I think it was a first group “thing” I have ever done and that was simply lovely.

Week after retreat I went on holiday and since then I am away for weekends and keeping myself busy with love, music and sunshine. I would love to join you during long weekend, but I am going away to explore reggae festival and a roof terrace in Bratislava. Somebody wants me there:) I might need your extra support and I am happy I can find you in London when I need it. Thursdays class, yes. Emotional clearing gives me such a massive hangover:) I might need more of it to stop noticing the headache.

All my warmest wishes!

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