Kate April 2018

Hi Now Project!
Have just got back from the April retreat and wanted to say thanks for such a wonderful time!

Adrian your teaching really had an impact on me. I’ve been meditating for quite a few years, and although( or because ) I have read books and been on courses, I was in a muddle of contradictory thoughts and ideas. I feel like some of the threads have been pulled together now, as the concepts and techniques were explained in a way I could really relate to, so a big thank you for that.

I also wanted to express my gratitude for the emotional clearing session. This has been an added bonus that I was not expecting. In contrast to months of psychotherapy (for issues relating to childhood trauma), that left me feeling emotionally battered, the emotional clearing process, despite being very intense(a bit of an understatement !! ) left me feeling nothing but elated. So again a huge thank you to you and all of your very supportive, fantastic team for getting me through that. Feels like a good start for a more mindful life.

All the best to you, and really hope to see you again one day.
Kate ( in the camper ) xxx

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