Krissy, Retreat April 2017

What an amazing weekend I’ve just experienced… I would like to extend a huge thanks to all members of the team on the retreat and behind the scenes.

Every single part of the retreat resonated with me on so many levels and everything talked about and experienced through the various practices tuned into my vibrations and made its upgrades. I felt & feel like I’ve come home, like my consciousness has just remembered something it already new but had lost touch with.

I’ve been working on my self development a lot over the past couple of years after experiencing a painful back injury and loosing my job at the time.  I suffered not only with the physical pain and disability of this but emotionally too. I was facing possible surgery, I was angry, bitter, and felt a big loss, I felt the NHS owed me something after serving for 12 years of my life to just shove me away with no thanks, no compensation. 

I allowed this to go on for many months then found my way back to something I’d lost, Reiki and energy healing. I re-focused all my efforts on turning my life around and releasing all of that past stuck crap I’d been carrying about for so long I didn’t want surgery or a life on pain killers so I self healed and let it all go. I developed my own practice and started my own small business to help others. Knowing what I could do for myself others could also do this if they had some guidance.

I still struggled with my time management thought and found myself rushing about more than I wanted to and only a month or so ago had a small crisis and fell into despair. I knew there was something that was missing deep in my intuition but was too busy rushing about to tune in. Then I found some information on mindfulness and here we are now.

I was lead to this retreat by my intuition and i fully trust my intuition to take me where I need to go. This will now be an integral part of my life as I practice living in the present moment more and more until I’ve shed all those unwanted layers and it becomes second nature.

So from the depths or my soul and heart I send gratitude and love.

Love & light
Krissy x

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