Sally – Retreat March 2018

Hi gang,

Just a quick note (I will do a trip advisor review too) to say thank you.

Having bowled in with a bunch of attitude and negativity, I was sold about 30 seconds after Adrian started speaking in the first session on the first night!

Last night, I managed to get myself into the most wonderful relaxed state – I never, ever thought I would be able to do that. And then, guess what!? I slept straight through, seven hours of uninterrupted sleep!!! In the morning I do the ten-minute shaky thing Paul taught us and bam! Wide awake.

Best £300 quid I’ve ever spent – and I now know the correct way to eat a banana. Life changing stuff J

However, I was so far gone during Jason’s session that I cannot for the life of me remember what we did – any reminders appreciated!!

I would like to do a top up in London but I can’t commit to six weeks as I live in York – are one offs a possibility?


All the best



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