Simply incredible!!! Caroline April 18

What an incredible experience!

For YEARS I have been struggling with gripping anxiety, with my own thoughts beating me up regularly and not knowing how or what to do about it. I was haunted and hunted by my past and spent hours and hours dwelling and stressing about the future! Not to mention the hours wasted being berated by my own self! I spent so much time in the past and future I missed so much of what was happening around me.

The Now Project weekend has given me the power to stop these destructive patterns and I can honestly say I have been able to notice and stop them since! Many people have commented on how much more relaxed I seem! I have a long way to go still but I feel the pattern has been broken and I can’t thank you enough!

What you guys are doing is simply remarkable!

So worth the £300 and the 4 hour drive!

One love xxxx

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