Steve, Summer Retreat 2016

Just a note for Adrian and ALL the team

What a brilliant weekend! Im sorry I don’t do goodbyes and snuck away.

Having never tried any meditation or other mindful things last weekend was an absolutely brilliant whistle stop tour of what is possible. Such a calming and friendly weekend I have never experienced before, and the food OMG the food! Was to die for, and I eat animals!!

Having turned up on Friday night looking for a “tangible something” to help me enjoy the moment I came away with 1 must and 2 choices

Must – smell and feel the breeze

Choice – breath in then out OR out then in

Do those simple things and I now enjoy the walk to and from the place which was my purpose before

Id just like to say to the whole team that made the experience, from the talks to the food and the washing up. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

And to Marcus the Gentle Giant, stop drinking pond water and try that food!

I will be seeing you again, thankyou


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