Steve – Transformational Mindfulness Oct 18

Hi Adrian
I would like to thank you for changing my life. As you know I was already being mindful with my martial arts, but you have helped me take it this to a completely new level. Although its only been 7 weeks, I totally get it, but also understand how some people may struggle. By thinking about thinking can feel somewhat strange. Patience and trying not to hard I feel is key. How different I feel in 7 weeks is fantastic and can only imagine how 1 year on will be. (oops sorry for forward thinking) Lol. I’m going to kept a journal for the 1st year on the changes to my old self and my feelings,
I also would like to share with my path to you.
Just before my mum passed away in 2016, she told us we all needed to slow down, this has always stuck with me and started to do just that. Then about a year later, my brother bought me the book “the things you can see only when you slow down” I quite sure you are aware on this book. Then I found you online and new straight away this was for me. The book and The Now project say it all. Also 6 months ago, don’t why but I made the conscious decision to stop wearing a watch. I think it was week 2-3 you mentioned about not wearing a watch. This again stuck accord. Then week 7 was the icing on the cake.
I am very much enjoying the experience and daily practice on living in the now. I’m already seeing glimpses on how crazy this world is and that they think we are the crazy ones. Lol. Loving acceptance, so far I have managed to keep my mouth shut, knowing there’s no point in poking the bear and all what matters is accepting myself.

Adrian my friend, thank you once again and look forward to meeting more of the community.

Have a nice weekend

Bye for NOW

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