Suffolk Retreat


Powerful, Brave and life changing experience

Thank you Adrian, Jason, Paul, Barry, Little Budda (Marta) and Paulette for looking after me and my friend Natalie. Thank you for your kind, gentle and loving care
Adrian all the words you say and the teachings are profound, honest and simple and hit the very core of how I chose to be moving forward.
We all suffer and some of us have hated the person we feel we are or do not accept or love ourselves. I struggled loving and even liking me. I had no confidence even though people thought I was over confident. The retreat has helped release me from those trapped feelings and given me strength and hope to continue looking at myself differently. I like me and I will always protect my little me and love her – thank you Jason 🙂 x

Thank you so much for showing me how to change and making me feel those changes for real inside, my mind is calmer and clearer and I am more at peace than I have ever been. I feel strong enough to survive in this mad world of negative thoughts and judgments as they are other peoples thoughts not my own. My thoughts are of peace and love for myself and others. I accept who I am and I am enjoying the freedom this is giving me

I would like to come back to the retreat again this year as it’s a beautiful environment

Thank you all for helping me on my amazing positive and powerful journey

This is an experience which needs to be experienced you cannot read about it you can only participate. I encourage everyone to attend the retreat and feel the power and positive energy which will be the start of your amazing hourney


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