To live mindfully in our currently mad world it's important to nourish ourselves with healthy inputs. So whether it's the food you consume or the entertainment and activities you involve yourself in, do it mindfully – your heart and gut are usually right! Please get in touch if have something you'd like us to feature here.



A regular meditation practice is essential to cultivate mindful awareness, compassion and empathy. Not only does it benefit you, but those around you and humanity as a whole! This month we point you to Adrian's simple breath awareness meditation which you can download or listen to on YouTube and more…



We know how tough this path can be sometimes, that's why we're here to help. Our Tools & Support section brings you practical tips and advice through writings, videos and conversation. This month kicks off with our Top Tips series – #1: Breath Awareness, along with the launch of the Q&A's section.



The Portal is here to serve you so we welcome your feedback and contributions. Maybe you'd like to contribute to the Portal with writings, images or you simply have some suggestions or requests for content. We value your input as we're here for you and it's essential in building and strengthening a mindful world.


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