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The Thursday Group


With mindfulness we are coming together in a shared experience of a new brighter more compassionate world. A world where loving kindness, peace and co-operation is valued over division, conflict, exploitation and greed. With mindful self awareness we trend lightly in the world and through each and every mindful interaction we spread the energy of mindfulness and project a new world into being.

If you have completed the Miracle of Mindfulness course or been on one of our retreats and want to take your practice to a new level then the Thursday Group is for you. The Thursday Group encompasses all three areas of our work.

  • Personal Transformation - Emotional Clearing Thursday
  • Wake Up with The Now Project - FREE Guerilla Meditations!
  • World Transformation - Loving Kindness Thursday

"Going Deeper" Mindfulness Class and Emotional Clearing Meditation 

It's back by popular demand – weekly from Thursday 10th May

In our new venue:
Google Map: Chris Heron, Shaping Change, St Bedes Hall, London NW1 4EE
5 minutes walk from Gt Portland Street, 7 minutes from Warren Street and Regents Park tube

Thursdays 7pm - 8.30pm
Cost £15 per class, cash on the day (sorry we have no card facilities at the venue)

First time attending?
Please complete the form below so we can make sure we look out for your arrival!

Typical Format Of The Class

Meditation - We'll usually start with a short meditation to get everyone settled and centred in mindfulness.
Questions and answers - bring your questions, challenges or insights regarding your practice and Adrian and other experienced mindfulness teachers will be on hand to help.

Teaching - Adrian will usually give a short teaching bringing a more advanced and enlightened understanding to an aspect of your mindfulness practice.

Emotional Clearing Meditation - We'll finish with an Emotional Clearing meditation exercise that is very popular with our regulars. Adapted from the pioneering work of John Ruskan, when done from a high degree of mindfulness this meditation is extremely powerful, and by far the most effective method we have come across to release emotional trauma from the body. It's quite extreme, and not for everyone, but it's a lot of fun and can leave you feeling much lighter; it frees you of emotional suffering and propels you deeper into a mindful state of awareness. The emotional clearing meditation is very energising and helps you plug back in for a recharge of mindfulness, you'll likely find your mind is relatively quiet for a good while afterwards.



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Wake Up with The Now Project!

FREE Guerilla Meditations!
Summer 2018

First event announced!
Find us in Cavendish Square, 12.00pm onwards.

Just turn up and join us for some meditation, mindfulness chat and connect with some lovely people to spread some summer love!

Getting together to raise the vibration of our collective consciousness! 

Loving Kindness Thursday

With mindfulness comes compassion and with compassion comes great responsibilty.

When you are mindful, you feel deeply, you become conscious of your own suffering and the suffering of others. You appreciate the interconnectedness of all things and realise that your suffering and the suffering of others are one. You may find increasingly that your conscience is offended by injustice, cruelty and the ill treatment of other human beings and you may find that you are called in the service of humanity.

Loving Kindness is a new kind of activism, we have no political affinity and care not for whether the darkness is projected from the left or the right, we do not take a stand against fascism or communist or against fundamentalism or neo-liberalism; we aren’t taking a stand against anything. We simply sit in silent meditation and shine the light of loving kindness upon the darkness, shining the light of loving kindness and compassion upon those who need it most, those so lost in ego and suffering that they project such darkness into the world.

This is not a revolution, because each revolution simply takes you full circle. This is an evolution; an evolution of mind. We have no need for ways of the past.

We have no need for anger or violence, because this is simply more darkness and not the way of loving kindness. We do not seek to tear down the system, because it is not the system at fault, it is the corruption of the system by those who’s minds are so corrupted that they have lost their heart and project terrible suffering in the world. We seek to bring about a shift in the mindset, because with mindfulness and the cultivation of the heart all these systems can be turned in an instant towards the service, rather than the enslavement, of humanity.

Each week on The Now Project Radio Show you’ll be given the chance to nominate and vote for an institution, corporation or other body that is particularly in need of loving kindness. Once a month we will undertake a little spiritual activism and do a flash mob loving kindness meditation.


If you profit from suffering of others you need Loving Kindness

Come Sit with us



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