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The Now Project is a growing mindful community. A bunch of like minded people working together and supporting each other to enable real change in our shared experience of this world and to the world around us.

Mindfulness has helped each of to us overcome our own issues and to find a well-being that we never realised possible. Together we are glimpsing the amazing possibilities that a more mindful way of living has to offer us as individuals and the world as a whole. Through our mindfulness practice we are discovering a better way of living, a way of living where co-operation is more important than competition, where helping and supporting each other brings more satisfaction and ultimately greater reward than climbing on top of each other and where what connects us is more important than what divides us.

Mindfulness helps us to really get the most from our lives and by bringing mindfulness into what we do, we find more joy in our everyday experience and through our mindful interactions become a vehicle for peace and healing in the world. The Now Project is here to help you live this possibility too.

The Now Project is here to, help individuals discover mindfulness and enrich their lives, but beyond that we are also a movement for social change.

Mindfulness teaches us that we are responsible for the world we live in.  We are all responsible because ultimately we all create the world that we live in. We create it through our intentions, we create it through our decisions we create it through our thoughts and our actions and through the energy that we give out. At The Now Project we promote mindfulness for personal transformation, but we are also a movement for social change. We realise that in order to create a better world we must first create a better self, we must be mindful of the darkness within ourselves, we must act with mindful intention and take care not project more pain and suffering into the world.

We don’t need anyone’s permission to make our world a better place - we can just do it! We can simply start by improving our-selves, through our mindful self awareness we take more effective self control, become less reactive and  do less harm to ourselves and others. By being mindful of our moment by moment interactions we can step lightly in the world, with tolerance and true compassion and by taking mindful care of our every interaction we can bring more peace and well-being to others and watch it spread.

If you are interested in mindfulness and meditation or you simply sense that there is something here for you, then you are ready. You are ready to discover a better way of living to awaken your inner most self and be part of this global transformation. This website is our invitation to you. it contains information and resources to help you find awareness through some very simple but highly effective meditation practices and Mindful techniques.

Stay a while and browse the website, and get involved, comment, contribute and spread the word. Start your practice straight away with the lessons in awareness, or come to our Miracle of Mindfulness classes in London, or a Weekend Mindfulness Retreat or you could just register to keep up to date with our latest news and events. We would love you to be part of this.

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