Mindfulness For Stress & Anxiety

Did you know?

 There are over 200 peer-reviewed scientific studies that show mindfulness is great for dealing with stress

Mindfulness For Stress and Anxiety

Not all stress is bad, stress has a purpose and at reasonable levels, in the appropriate situations, it’s desirable  If you are confronted by a hungry lion or find yourself very challenging situation you need stress, your body releases neuropeptides and triggers what scientists call a fight or flight response and this can drive positive and powerful action.

Stress becomes a problem when we become overloaded with these fight or flight chemicals. Your body can’t tell the difference between what is real here and now and what is imagined. Maybe 90% of your stress isn’t caused by what is really happening here and now but is caused by what is going on in your head; thinking about the awful things that might happen, running nightmare scenarios or dealing with mind-created problems which haven’t happened yet. Your thoughts cause most of your stress

Here’s how it works – Something triggers the anxiety and your thinking starts to worry, the anxious thoughts cause your body to create stress chemicals which in turn add to the stress, which in turn make the thoughts more anxious and cause more stress. It’s a vicious circle that can totally ruin your quality of life, it doesn’t just make you miserable it damages your health too. The human body is not designed to be under constant stress, it builds up in the cellular memory, destroys the immune system and can cause illness and disease. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find any physical illness that, isn’t in some way isn’t stress-related. Not that I want to give you something else to worry about

How Stress Is Created

Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety The Now Project

Did you know that there are over 200 peer-reviewed scientific studies that show mindfulness is really helpful for dealing with stress? Scientific Studies On Mindfulness and Stress

How Mindfulness Helps With Stress and Anxiety

It’s important to understand that if your mind has become a bit of a stress factory that you are not to blame. No one would consciously do that to themselves it’s a conditioned pattern, a kind of programme that has run in your head completely involuntarily, maybe for many years, sometimes even generations, It’s become hard-wired neurologically.

With mindfulness, it becomes possible to train your mind to break these patterns. I’ll show you several simple ways you can create some quiet space in your mind and make them part of your normal daily life. You’ll learn how to step out of the stress factory in your head and observe and let go of problematic stress-provoking thinking. It takes a bit of practice but you’ll feel the benefit straight away. With less of that stressful thinking going on you might find that you feel a lot better and get a great deal more out of life.

It’s an ongoing process of training but you’ll find it quickly becomes habitual and neurologists have shown that you actually start to make structural changes to your brain. extinguishing unhelpful pathways and opening up new neurological circuits. Neurologists call this neuroplasticity and after only 6 weeks of mindfulness practice, you will have made permanent changes to the structure of your brain! 


Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety The Now Project

Once you get into the habit of living like this you won’t stop. Your mindfulness experience gets deeper and deeper and you’ll soon learn how to process anxiety and stress with your body, without adding to it mentally, so even in very stressful situations, you don’t become overwhelmed and can deal with the situation with calm clarity.

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