Mindfulness for Awakening Retreat

Reconnect with your mindful buddies and take your mindfulness to a new level

We only do a couple of these retreats a year, they are only for people who have done at least one of our retreats before and are crazy enough to come back for more.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your mindful mates, plug back into stillness and advance your practice.

We’d love to see you again

We only do a couple of these retreats a year, they are only for people who have done at least one of our retreats before and are crazy enough to come back for more.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your mindful mates, plug back into stillness and advance your practice.

We’d love to see you again

"There is only one time when it is essential to awaken - That time is now"

The term mindfulness seems contradictory, why call it mindfulness when we are emptying our minds of thoughts? Surely mind-emptiness would be more appropriate?

Mindfulness is a Buddhist term, when Buddha talked of mindfulness he was referring to the fullness of mind. Buddha taught that everything is mind, even the rocks and stones are mind, everything in existence appears within that great conscious mind of which you are a tiny fragment and also ultimately the whole too.

As the thinking mind quietens and space appears between our thoughts grows, we begin to access a state of mind beyond our understanding, beyond reason, beyond belief, the infinite mind from which all material existence arises. Indeed this is the core of mindfulness

Over the course of three days, we will take you on a journey that goes nowhere and takes no time at all. A journey into the space within the atom and the space that holds the universe together.  We will transcend the analytical conditioned mind and together explore a mind beyond reason a mind beyond understanding a mind of infinite potential and touch the core of your being.


Satori’ is the gap in the clouds to enable you to see the blue skies above”

"A New World is coming into being
you are the architects"

The Egoic state of consciousness has reached the end – in fact, it’s reached peak madness. The suffering and destruction it creates within each of us and the world as a whole is driving millions to awaken – join us, break free from the dream of ego and find true liberation.

From the very outset, we will help you to enter the clear blue sky of Satori a state of mind free of thought, a higher state of mind from where you can break free of your conditioning, indoctrination and limited mind-made sense of self

not only will you learn how to escape the ego’s grip but additionally you’ll discover how to align yourself with the Great Mind -the mind beyond your thoughts and how to overcome unhelpful patterns of behaviour, your self-imposed limitations and break free of your programming. 

Together we’ll explore the nature of Karma and how to heal our karmic debt and consciously manifest the world of our choosing

We've got a great weekend lined up for you


You can arrive any time after 5 pm we’ll have a warm welcome and a hot drink ready for you. You’ll get the chance to settle into your accommodation we are a friendly bunch and we want to put you at ease and let any stress you are carrying dissolve and the magic start to work.

7 pm Dinner  Home-cooked vegetarian food (vegan / Gluten-free option)

8 pm Welcome talk and introductions

9 pm Evening Meditation with Steve – Yoga Nidra – Gong bath

Chill out and fun and games around the campfire


Great Mind - Tiny Mind - Transcending The Ego

Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening. “Satori’ is the gap in the clouds to enable you to see the blue skies above”.

Ade and Steve will lead you into the experience of Satori clearing the clouds of thought from your mind and into a place of clear blue thoughtless clarity. You learn the 3 main techniques for achieving thoughtless awareness and access to the greater mind. 

We’ll explore Mindfulness and metaphysics and discover the keys to the matrix. You’ll learn how to observe the Ego, conditioning and how to break free of conditioned patterns and identification with form. How to escape your conditioning and the deception of your perception. How to see beyond the matrix break free of the control structures and expand your mind to new infinite possibilities

Chi Gong, Teaching – Satori Clear blue sky, School Of Meditation, Teaching – Ego, Great Mind, Tiny Mind. Gong bath. who am I meditation

Evening meditation sound bath 



Healing Karma and Concious Manifesting

You’ll learn the art of conscious creation, the nature of  Karma and how it’s expressed in the present moment. You’ll learn how with mindfulness you can break the cycle of suffering, heal your Karma and express a new world into being

Your mindfulness doesn’t end with you. Your state of being your emotional-energetic expression creates your reality. We’ll explore you can consciously shift your vibrational expression and bring more light peace and abundance into the world

Chi Gong, Teaching – Beyond the self, New Karma, conscious creation Emotional clearing, conscious creation mediation


Adrian Rides

My mental health had never been good, an anxious child became a neurotic and fearful teenager and by the age of 14, I’d already developed an unhealthy dependence upon alcohol. By my mid-30s it was manifesting into full-blown alcoholism and a whole collection of other addictive behaviours, anxiety disorders, and chronic debilitating depression. To put it bluntly, I was a mess.


In 1999 someone bought me a book on meditation, I long ago gave the book away and can’t remember its title but the introduction has stuck with me. The author listed all the things meditation is good for. Depression, yes I ticked that box, anxiety, yes that one too, addictions, I had loads of those, tick that box. It was quite a long list and I think that I ticked pretty much all of the boxes. But then it said something which at the time seemed quite strange; it said that if you practice meditation and mindfulness with any degree of seriousness it will change you and fundamentally change how you understand yourself and experience the world. I thought no more about it. I practiced because I needed to find a way out of my suffering, and it worked, quickly I found that my mind was slowing down and I could enjoy some real space from my troubled mind. After a few months, I could find relief from my mind without recourse to alcohol, I didn’t need it anymore, so I stopped drinking.

And then it happened. I hadn’t been off the booze for long, only a few months when I experienced what I now understand to be an awakening. It didn’t last long and I’m no enlightened master (ask my partner) but it changed things for me.

Just as the book described, it fundamentally changed my understanding of myself and my experience of the world. I knew that the suffering I’d been through was unnecessary and that there is a way out and having made that discovery how could I stand back and watch the suffering of others and do nothing? I could see the possibilities Mindfulness offers us as individuals but also the wonderful potential mindful living offers for all humanity.

So ever since then, I’ve been telling anyone who would listen, very few at first, but now many many people want to listen.

It seemed obvious to me that Mindfulness offered the solution and in 2002 I was the first person in the UK to teach Mindfulness as a treatment for addiction and have helped more than 300 people to find a complete and lasting recovery to what is widely believed to be an incurable disease.

As well as helping hundreds of others with depression, anxiety, mental and emotional suffering. It’s been a wonderful journey, fantastic fun and I’ve made some wonderful friends. I’ve worked with top sportspeople, entrepreneurs, celebrities, senior executives at Blue chip companies; I’ve been on TV and radio and had my work featured in a BBC documentary. I’ve even been invited to the House of Lords (I don’t think I’ll be invited back).

But you don’t need to be unwell to practice mindfulness and it soon became clear to me that it could help everyone. In 2010 I founded The Now Project, to help bring Mindfulness to as many people as I can. The project didn’t have a name for the first three years and there was no real plan, but the project has evolved and is now so much more than me. We’ve run about 80 mindfulness retreats, hundreds of classes and introduced more than 5000 people to a better way of living. The Now Project is bringing Mindfulness to so many people and it’s a joy to do this work.


Steve Dixon

Steve first came on a Now Project 8 years ago whilst struggling with depression and addiction. The weekend retreat changed his life and helped him overcome depression and his addictions and set him on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.
Steve threw his addictive energies into the exploration of meditation and consciousness and spent several years traveling in India living in Ashrams and studying meditation with great masters and Gurus. He’s a fantastic teacher and teaches in a simple, fun, and light-hearted way – Steve runs the school of meditation where he’ll introduce you to a number of meditation techniques, Chi Gong and mindful movement – He loves this work, and his energy is amazing.

How much? When?

£349 Fully inclusive: Prices are per person and include all teaching, workshops, and full board. £100 deposit to secure your place – Balance due 28 days before the retreat

Skill level:  Intermediate, Advanced

3-day intensive mindfulness and meditation retreat 

29th -31st March 2024

3 days / 2 nights


Fully inclusive: Prices are per person and include all teaching, workshops, and full board. 

Skill level:  Intermediate, Advanced

£100 deposit to secures your place – Balance due 28 days before the retreat

3-day intensive mindfulness and meditation retreat 

29th -31st March 2024


Shared Twin or Triple Room It’s not the Ritz but the accommodation is clean smart and quite funky – rooms are spacious and comfortable with free WiFi. Prices are per person and include all teaching, workshops, and full board.


All meals are vegetarian with vegan and gluten-free options – Please advise of any food intolerances we need to cater for.


Redfield Community, Buckingham Rd, Winslow, Bucks MK18 3LZ
The venue is in a recently converted stable block and outbuildings within the Redfield Community, set in many acres of countryside and tranquil woodland. It’s simply beautiful and being immersed in nature makes mindfulness much easier.

Getting There

By car – Easy Access From M1 – 1 Hour from London

Public transport Train 35 -minutes from Euston London and a 30-minute bus ride from Milton Keynes Station

About The Now Project

The Now Project is a growing mindful community. A bunch of like-minded people working together & supporting each other to enable real change in our shared experience of this world & to the world around us.

Mindfulness has helped each of to us overcome our own issues and to find a well-being that we never realised possible. Together we are glimpsing the amazing possibilities that a more mindful way of living has to offer us as individuals and the world as a whole.

Through our mindfulness practice we are discovering a better way of living, a way of living where co-operation is more important than competition, where helping and supporting each other brings more satisfaction and ultimately greater reward than climbing on top of each other and where what connects us is more important than what divides us.

Mindfulness helps us to really get the most from our lives and by bringing mindfulness into what we do, we find more joy in our everyday experience and through our mindful interactions become a vehicle for peace and healing in the world. The Now Project is here to help you live this possibility too.

What's Included

What to Bring

You’ll need to bring a towel, outdoor clothing, and an open mind.


"A useful two days.

I chose this retreat due to its location, reasonable price and description of activities. I enjoyed that there wasn’t a huge amount of free time like other retreats, it’s not the reason that I’m there.

This was a powerful reminder of how I like to live my life and support in processing grief. Though our opinions sometimes differed it was beautiful to be in the company of like-minded and supportive individuals and I left grounded and back in the present which I’d been struggling to get back to for about a year.

Highly recommended. I felt an affinity to the teachings, it was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and acceptance was given to each individual irrespective of where they were in their own journeys."
"Worth experiencing

We wanted to get away for the weekend and decided to try a retreat, there was no specific issue, we just wanted the experience. So glad we did x

We picked this retreat as it resonated with our spirit. We read the bio of the people running it and knew they were our kind of people. We had a magical experience and loved connecting with like-minded, spirited people and exploring greater depths.

The sound baths were incredible, I felt the vibrations really deep and felt cleansed. This retreat is definitely worth experiencing. Adrian, Steve and Chris were amazing and I felt a deep connection and unity with them all. I gave 4 stars as there is always room for growth and expansion not because of any lack."

I chose this retreat because it was close to me.

It was the best decision in my life

It gave me so much more than I expected.

It was more therapy than a retreat.

It was amazing and very healing. They put a lot of work into it. It was amazing. Cannot describe it with words.
"There can be inner peace within each of us

I get regularly stressed out and mentally put down due to diverse issues in my life, however, most of them are out of my control. I was looking to find a way to not just cope but to enjoy life again.

The description of the retreat, wording and between the lines messages gave off the right vibes which just felt right. And not to forget that the reasonable cost showed that this retreat is there to “spread the word” and not to make loads of money.

I experienced a state of peace and joy I have not felt for a very long time. I am starting to see the world in a different light.

Ade and Steve are the most amazing teachers I have met. They will lead you to the most amazing places if you are open to let them do it. Come with an absolutely open mind, don’t expect anything. And last but not least, the food was absolutely delicious thanks to Chris, who put her heart and soul into it.

29th – 31st March 2024

£349 Fully Inclusive £100 deposit secures your place