Lessons In Mindfulness Week 4



Say Yes To What Is

You haven’t got to surrender to what you think will happen or what has happened, because they are only a thoughts in your head. But you do have to surrender to now, because it already is. Because it is. It’s too late . Resisting now is resisting reality 

 If Things Don’t Go Right, Go Left

Align yourself with reality, if the present moment isn’t what you thought it would be it means that you are wrong. Reality isn’t wrong you are. Accept what is ,if action is required take action in alignment with reality rather than a reaction against it 

Discover The Hidden Gem In Suffering

When suffering comes your way there is an opportunity for growth and spiritual awakening. Use the challenges your face and losses associated with this crisis and the vehicle for your spiritual awakening

words,describing, judging or understanding

Practice Feeling The Energy Field of The Body

Every so often, when you bring your attention into the present moment see if you can sense the energy in your hands. Hold it for a few seconds and repeat. Gradually you’ll feel energy getting stronger and in other parts of your body. If you are very lucky you may start to sense the energy field of the whole body

Start to interact with the field

Sense the energy of others and of the field around you. Don’t interpret what you sense, just feel the energy field of the body  and notice how it is effected by others and your environment.

Experiment With Your Energy Of Mindfulness

See what happens to others when you hold a high degree of presence in their company. Play with your energy of mindfulness see what happens to the quality of the world you experience when you bring intention of gratitude or loving kindness

ealise the miracle of being alive 


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