Now Project Mindfulness Podcasts

Travelling Light - Tracie and Frances

Just feel the energy coming off these two shiny bright ladies. Tracie and Frances came on our retreat in August their energy blew me away. They explore their journey of awakening and the power of music and light in awakening and introduce their new exciting project “Travelling Light”

Frances talks about her illuminating book a series of short stories that help her realisation and awakening

You won’t be able to watch this video without being affected, Tracie’s and Frances’s positivity simply overflows.

Any music producers out there – get in touch

Sharing Presence -Jason

I stumbled up on Jason’s work about 10 years ago, leaving a lasting impression. I love the simplicity and the directness  of his approach, but what strikes you most is his presence – he’s the real deal, sharing presence with Jason is an awakening in it’s own right

Jason introduces his new book and accompanying online programme which leads you directly into presence and the healing power of presence shared.

Jason describes ego traps, his mindful encounter with cancer and the liberating potential of having no time left, He explores awakening from the Covid darkness the Great Reset and Greater Awakening

Explore Jason’s work at

Psychotherapy and the Great Awakening -Saul

Saul attended The Now Project Mindfulness course in Neal’s yard and as soon as he walked in I could feel the depth of his presence – Saul is an awake psychotherapist who applies traditional psychotherapy techniques from a deep state of presence. And in that space, profound emotional healing happens. Saul describes his journey of awakening and explores the collective psychosis and the dark unconsciousness of the last 2.5  years. Saul explores the end of ego and The Great Awakening

Mindfulness Awakening and Ayahuasca - Silas

Silas described his journey of awakening, from depression and attempted suicide to mindfulness awakening Ayahuasca and 2 years in the jungle training as a shaman – Silas can be contacted by Telegram