Lessons In Mindfulness Week ONE

Mindfulness Video Lessons


Watch Your Thoughts  

Don’t argue with them, don’t try to understand them, or even change your thoughts. Just watch and let them pass

Be Here Now


Focus your full attention in the present moment as much as you can. When you see your mind wandering to the past or future, gently bring your attention back to now. It doesn’t matter how often your mind is pulled away to the past or future , or even for how long. All that matters is that when you see your mind wandering from the present moment, you bring your attention back to here and now


Use your breath to anchor your mind in the present moment, when you see your mind distracted by past or future , bring your attention on to he breath


As little as ten minutes meditation a day can have a powerful effect upon your well-being and it will really help you to stay more present. Download the meditations below, put your headphones on press play and you are meditating..