Satsang, Advanced Mindfulness Teaching, Energy Work

The Wednesday group is an underground movement, we meet at Group HQ Wednesday evening in the bunker at Neal’s Yard meeting rooms . Our mission to transform ourselves and the world around us with Loving Kindness and Conscious intention

Satsang  – means “to be in the company of true people”. When you get a group of very present people together something interesting happens.  The thinking quietens and it becomes easy to be mindful. Clarity returns and wakefulness is restored. The combined energy of the group can be very powerful. and just being in the company of mindful people is transforming, raising the vibrational frequency of everyone present.

Meditation – We’ll usually start with a short meditation to get everyone settled and centred in mindfulness.

Support With You Practice – 

Teaching – Adrian will give short teaching bringing a more advanced understanding of your mindfulness practice

Emotional Clearing / Karma yoga Meditation – We’ll finish with an Emotional Clearing meditation exercise that is very popular with our regulars. Adapted from the pioneering work of John Ruskan, when done from a high degree of mindfulness this meditation is extremely powerful, and by far the most effective method we have come across to release emotional trauma from the body.

Neal’s yard meeting rooms 14b Neal’s yard Covent Garden