How To Survive The Virus Lesson 2

Lessons Two How To Survive The Virus The Now Project


Find Somewhere Quiet

Put Your Headphones On

Give The Video Your Full Attention

Stop Thinking 

Enjoy The Now

Live Juicy

Escape The Virus 


Focus on Your Point Of Power

The only control you have over the future is the quality of your response to now. Instead of trying to deal with what might happen or could happen focus on what you are doing right now

Get Out Your Mind And Into Your Body

Develop the habit of repeatedly checking into your body. Are there areas of tension? Notice the movement of your body, how you are standing, or sitting, breathing? Become acutely aware of your body

Wake Up To Life Here And Now

Step out of the problems and worries in your head and focus on what is real right now. Focus on your senses, look mindfully, listen deeply, without words,describing, judging or understanding

Practice Mindful Breathing

Whenever you see your mind wandering off to the past and future, bring your attention back to your breath. Use your breath as an anchor to centre your mind here and now

Mindful Walking

When you are walking, focus on your body, feel every step, look , listen and feel the air on your face. Remember that when you walk mindfully, you are going nowhere, you have already arrived. Each step brings you to somewhere new.

Mindful Everything

Bring mindful concentration into everyday activities. Mindful cooking, mindful eating, mindful house work, mindful communication. Turn your everyday activities into a meditation. Make your whole life a meditation and realise the miracle of being alive 

Here are two lovely meditations From Jo Hooson's Awake Life Practice

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