Now Project Mindfulness Retreats 2021

First video from the retreat

Freedom Calls

Break free of Lockdown and COVID hysteria.  And join us on a season of summer retreats at a secret location, 1 hour 20 minutes from London

Set in acres of private woodland you’ll be immersed in nature Let nature call you back to presence and awaken from the nightmare. 

No COVID madness here, no fear no silly rules, masks and anti-bac , we are getting away from all that. There is no place for fear here. 

Restore your health and sanity with a weekend of mindfulness and nature

Join us for a weekend of love laughter and learning, reconnect to your humanity and discover a better way of living

Love Laughter And Learning

We’ll be running 4 retreats from the end of June whether the restrictions have been lifted or not. No masks, no swabs and no Vaccine passports. We will not discriminate against anyone.  

Free your mind and rediscover what it is to come together in healing human connection

The cost for the weekend is £295 all-inclusive for a bed in the cabins or £250 if you want to bring your tent and camp in the woods

Places are limited so register your interest now, if we owe you a retreat, we want to honour our commitment to you and you’ll have first dibs. 


Retreat Dates

25th – 27th June’

23rd – 25th July

6th – 8th August

20th – 22nd August

17th – 19th September

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