Together With  Mindfulness We Bring A  New World  Into Being

Dear Friends

Mindfulness has never been more important

It’s been a really tough couple of years for all of us and I sense it’s not going to get any easier soon. Mindfulness has never been more important

We are at a crossroads. To the left is the path of the Ego, an accumulation of past conditioning and indoctrination. It is the path of the small self, driven by lack loss, anger and fear. Prone to overthinking. conflict and self-centred behaviour and unconscious reaction.  If you follow this path its unconscious projection will bring into experience the world of your darkest imagination.

Take the right path, Wake up from the dream of thought, and step out of worries resentment and mental distress. Be present, hold your attention here and now and find that quiet space in your mind.  Bring conscious awareness to the challenges you face in this moment. Let the past die, what has been is gone, don’t try to hold on. Let go of your future expectations too, because they have been shown for the illusion they always were. 

Now is the time for rebirth and new beginnings in alignment with the present moment, let us bring a new world into our experience. A world created by the conscious mind, created from a place of calm, peace abundance and love.

Who is up for joining me?


Sangha - class The Now Project


Satsang  – means “to be in the company of true people”. When you get a group of very present people together something interesting happens.  The thinking quietens and it becomes easy to be mindful. Clarity returns and wakefulness is restored. The combined energy of the group can be very powerful. and just being in the company of mindful people is transforming, raising the vibrational frequency of everyone present.

Meditation – We’ll usually start with a short meditation to get everyone settled and centred in mindfulness.

Questions and answers – bring your questions, challenges or insights regarding your practice and Adrian and other experienced mindfulness teachers will be on hand to help.

Teaching – Adrian will give short teaching bringing a more advanced understanding of your mindfulness practice

Emotional Clearing / Karma Healing Meditation – We’ll finish with an Emotional Clearing meditation exercise that is very popular with our regulars. Adapted from the pioneering work of John Ruskan, when done from a high degree of mindfulness this meditation is extremely powerful, and by far the most effective method we have come across to release emotional trauma from the body. It’s quite extreme, and not for everyone, but it’s a lot of fun and can leave you feeling much lighter; it frees you of emotional suffering and propels you deeper into a mindful state of awareness. The emotional clearing meditation is very energising and helps you plug back in for a recharge of mindfulness, you’ll likely find your mind is relatively quiet for a good while afterwards.

Sangha - class The Now Project

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