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Dear Friends

We are at a crossroads. To the left  is the path of the Ego, an accumulation of past conditioning and indoctrination. It is the path of the small self , driven by lack loss, anger and fear. It is prone to over thinking. conflict and self centred behaviour, panic and unconscious reaction.  If you follow this path you are in great peril, because it’s unconscious projection will bring into experience the dystopian world of your darkest imagination, 

Take the right path, Wake up from the dream of thought, step out of worries resentment and mental distress. Be present, hold your attention here and now and find that quiet space in your mind.  Bring conscious awareness to the challenges you face in this moment. Let the past die, what has been is gone, don’t try to hold on. Let go of your future expectations too, because they have been shown for the illusion they always were. Holding on to future brings  frustration and limits you to the scope of your expectation.

Now is the time for rebirth and new beginnings in alignment with the present moment, let us bring a new world into our experience. A world created from conscious mind, created from a place of calm, of peace abundance and with love.

Who is up for joining me?



Wake Up Now The Now Project

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