Ladybird Retreat

Ladybird Retreat We were fully booked for the retreat at the weekend some people camped in the woods on the Friday night so to be there first thing for the morning meditation. It was advertised as a beginners retreat and some of the people who came were completely new to mindfulness, but in truth all of them, whether they […]

Butterfly Retreat

Butterfly Retreat It’s so exciting to feel the energy building around this little project of ours and it really doesn’t seem to be falling into place at last. I sense that we’ve reached a tipping point now, that thepolarity is shifting and I’m finding that things that were such a struggle are now so effortless. There is […]

Dragonfly Retreat

Dragonfly Retreat Thank you everyone who came to the retreat last weekend, it was a real joy to teach such a lovely group of people, and judging by the feedback, I know that you all got so much from the weekend too. After a bit of a damp start the weather once again played its […]