It’s all happening NOW – can you feel the excitement?

It's all happening now can you feel the excitement?

It’s happening it really is. Something is emerging now that is truly amazing, I have to be mindful of my excitement because if it gets into my head and becomes the future I’ll be in big trouble – It’s not happened yet so I don’t want to say too much because the future is just a fiction in your mind sent to torment you with desire or anxiety – so let’s stay here and now, mindful and grounded. But it’s in this happening that my attention needs to follow, it’s my calling.

So, with a heavy heart that I have to let go of London and will not be doing any more classes at Neals Yard (if you have classes to catch up on, let me know and I’ll send you a link to join my new course on zoom) I had 20 wonderful years in London. it’s where I started my work with addiction with my clinics in Wigmore Street, Percy Street and in Bishopsgate, my very best friends are former clients, former addicts now very mindful and with many years of mindfulness themselves are most awake people I know. I’ve been blessed, I’ve met so many amazing and wonderful people and London gave me so much opportunity excitement and fun up until the hysterical of 2020 and 2021 I lived there 4 an sometimes 5 days a week but the past is gone and London is full of ghosts for me now and it’s time,e to move on.

I will be continuing my 6-week mindfulness, it’s a new and improved version online live via Zoom – which is great news for all of you who aren’t in London because now you can join the course from anywhere with an internet connection. 

If you are new to mindfulness The Now Project Zoom mindfulness course will give you the space of awareness and everything you need to bring mindfulness into your life and discover a happier healthier and more fulfilling way of living. If you already have practice this Mindfulness course will blow your mind and plug you deeply back into awareness. 

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Next Course starts 28th November at 7pm

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