Mindfulness makes you healthier – It’s official

Mindfulness make you healthier – It’s official It has always seemed obvious to me that mindfulness is good for your health. We’ve known for decades that chronic stress destroys the immune system and leaves you vulnerable to illness, there’s a strong link between anger and heart disease and we all know that grief can be […]

Why Mindfulness is the most important thing there is

Why Mindfulness is the most important thing there is We pay so much attention to doing – doing more, doing better, doing more efficiently and filling every space with more doing. But we pay so little attention to the most critical thing there is – our state of being. Your state of mind when you […]

The slow lane

The slow lane I took my old mum shopping today, she loves a ride around Morrisons in her wheelchair it’s a chance to get out of the house and engage with other people and we’ll invariably end up chatting with someone – It’s good for the soul   There was a long queue for the checkout […]

Christmas get together

Christmas get together https://youtu.be/m_mSSZg2Kw8 Just turn up – see you there Meeting Rooms14b Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden London WC2H 9DP look for the blue door between the back rub and the pizza place

Mindfulness reduces anxiety as much antidepressants

mindfulness for stess

Mindfulness reduces anxiety as much antidepressants A major study by Georgetown University Medical Center concluded that mindfulness is as effective at reducing anxiety as a commonly prescribed antidepressant. The results were published in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA Psychiatry, Participants in the mindfulness group practised daily meditations using a few different mindfulness techniques they learned at […]

God bless the disobedient – Mindfulness and compassion

God bless the disobedient – mindfulness and compassion If you only got into Mindfulness because you had tried everything else and were desperate to find relief from your mental suffering, to escape some neurosis, or you simply wanted to quieten your mind so that you could get the edge in a competitive world, then you […]

New Mindfulness Course Starts Soon

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Mindfulness Course Neal’s Yard I’m so glad I’ve got mindfulness, aren’t you? Could you imagine trying to deal with what people have got going on in their lives without mindfulness? It doesn’t bear thinking about. You all know someone who is struggling right now and could do with a bit of mindfulness. Send them our […]

Frances and Tracie Mindfulness Awakening and Travelling Light

Mindfulness Awakening and Travelling Light Just feel the energy coming off these two shiny bright ladies. Tracie and Frances came on our retreat in August their energy blew me away. They explore their journey of awakening and the power of music and light in awakening and introduce their new exciting project “Travelling Light” Frances talks […]

Stop trying – Mindfulness is a done deal

Stop trying – mindfulness is a done deal It’s not always easy to maintain your attention in the present moment, there’s a certain momentum to your egoic thinking and it will not go quietly. It will wriggle and struggle, threaten and seduce you; it will reinvent itself and claim ownership of your mindfulness practice.  Sometimes […]

Lost For Words

Lost for words I’m so blessed to be able to do this work. Thank you, everyone, who came last weekend you are all fantastic awake, inspiring people and I’m still lost for words – so here are some pictures. Our July retreat is now fully booked and we only have place left for August – […]