Greater Mind Retreat – Sept 2014

With a blindfold covering their eyes and ear plugs cancelling out the noise, doctor Michel Berg sat in his laboratory at the university of Strasbourg and began to think. Nearly 5000 miles away at a research facility in Kerala India, Spanish scientist Dr Alejandro Riera wearing a cap of electrodes also started to think. Over […]

Rain and Shine Retreat – Aug 2014

First there was one, gently flapping their wings coyly showing their radiant colours and then there was another then another and soon they were everywhere, radiant new beings, flying free in the July sunshine, with no care care for past and future, simply reveling in their glorious expression of the moment. There is no greater […]

Butterfly Farm Retreat -July 2014

There’s something wonderful happening at Retreat Farm this summer. Something really special is flourishing and I’m so privileged to be part of it. Many of our guest come back and back again and each time they return their presence has grown and the energy is stronger. I’m staggered by how easy this work is becoming, […]

Sunny Solstice Retreat – June 2014

Thank you to all our guests old and new. It’s always great to see old faces, Ketan, James, Simon, Martin, Olly and a special thanks to a regular guest Steve because he brought his mum with him this time. Everyone needs a mindful mum.  It’s lovely to see you all again and a joy to witness your awareness growing between each […]

Snowdrop Retreat – Feb 2014

Thank you everyone who came to our last retreat, what a fantastic weekend, even the weather colluded to make it special . There was a real sense of spring in the air, nature is awakening and the ground was covered with snowdrops.  I love this time of year,  we are by no means out of […]

The Diamond Tree Retreat – Jan 2014

There’s a magical tree down at Martinsell and at this time of year it grows diamonds. The diamonds can not be seen by just anyone, to most people they are invisible. Only the initiates can see. To the uninitiated, there is nothing see,  it is just a damp tree, just a grey tree on a grey day.  But […]

White Dragon Retreat – November 2013

Thank you everyone who came to our mindfulness retreat last weekend. It was a fantastic success. Our winter retreats are very different in flavour to the summer ones. The retreat centre can only accommodate 20 so with myself and the team it only leaves room for 16 guests, that’s a ratio of one teacher to every four […]

The Wuji Retreat – Summer Of Love 2013

The Wuji retreat at the end of August which stands out for many reasons.  We’ve had people traveling from as far as the Midlands before and I though we were doing well when one of guests traveled all the way down from Doncaster, but this retreat broke all records, one guest traveled all the way […]

Happy Swallows Retreat – 2013

It’s not often that I get to fly like the swallows,  but at our last retreat I did and it felt wonderful.  Have you ever watched the swallows fly? They swoop and dive and perform aerial acrobatics in perfect union with each other, they fly at incredible speed and miss each other by centimeters,  but […]

The Great Oak retreat – Summer of Love 2013

Wow what a weekend,  the weather was fantastic,  the food great and the company wonderful. Thank you everyone for making the weekend so special   This was the largest retreat so far, lots if new faces, and many familiar ones: Rob, Barry, Ketan and Briggitte, all back for more.  It was lovely to see so many […]