Hello, I’m Sophie – I guess you could call me the Editor of The Portal. It’s quite a journey creating something like this and watching my own inner turmoil created by a self defeating ego that will never give me any credit for anything! Mindfulness transformed my life about 3 years ago and continues to every […]


Paul draws from his Mindfulness and Yoga practices to give us some wonderful writing, sharing his experiences and observations in beautifully simple, no-nonsense manner. If you ever get to meet Paul at our classes or retreats you’ll appreciate his wonderful presence – and you would find it unbelievable that he was once a very angry man […]


Adrian is the founder of The Now Project and has been sharing his writings, observations and lessons via the blog for a number of years. He also provides us with downloadable meditations and some great video content. Personally I have found his work an invaluable source of help when struggling with life’s ups and downs. …”In 1999 […]


Children are very wise and they have a high degree of awareness that may be attenuated or even forgotten as life goes on. They know what they are doing and they do it wisely. I was one of many children that were intentionally and unintentionally working on peace and compassion at school and specifically with […]