Being Present

Mindfulness isn’t something that you do

It’s a state of being that you bring into whatever you are doing now

Being Present

Let’s break that down into two words – Being and Present. Mindfulness isn’t something you do, it’s a state of being that you bring into whatever you are doing

The great Mindfulness Master Thich Nhat Hanh  calls mindfulness “The Art of Concentration” learning how to centre your mind on the present moment with an intense focus and alertness, not a second forward or a second back  with total concentration on the knife-edge of now

When you bring your full focussed attention into the present moment, something incredible happens – your thoughts subside and the  whole world comes alive. 

That space between the thoughts is mindfulness, it’s a state of being that you bring to whatever you are doing now. –  Mindfulness of washing up, mindfulness of cooking, mindfulness of eating, mindfulness of speech, mindfulness of walking, mindfulness of breathing – mindfulness of everything, 

Your whole life becomes a meditation and if you bring your full undistracted attention to what you are doing, you do it well, you do it with care, attention and quality and that creates the best possible outcome

We have a saying in mindfulness – The outcome is not your concern – bring full mindful attention to the doing and the outcome will take care of its self.

Master Thich Nhat Hahn

Being Present The Now Project

Go on try it now

Being Present The Now ProjectBring your full attention to the present moment. Not a second forward or a second back – Be fully here NOW

Being Present The Now ProjectEyes open, awake and alert, Be as alive as you can now as alert and focussed  as you’d be if you were walking a tightrope

Being Present The Now Project Are you here? Fully now? Now, wait for your next thought. Think about thinking.

Did you get a gap in your thoughts?