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New Course starts: Wednesday 24th January at the Hale Clinic 

You have a choice of two Mindfulness courses in London:-

Wednesday evening mindfulness course:
7pm – 8.30pm At the Hale Clinic near to Regents Park, London
Tuesday evening mindfulness course:
7pm - 8.30pm At Raindance
Cost: £98

Whether you are drawn to mindfulness to ease stress, relieve depression, tackle illness, improve your well-being or achieve spiritual enlightenment this mindfulness course is for you. It is perfect for complete beginners and mindfulness masters alike.

Many people are drawn to mindfulness to seek a solution for depression, to mange anxiety, anger, to deal with addictions, manage pain, overcome post traumatic stress, and even to help ease general unhappiness.  And at last mainstream medicine is waking up to the incredible power of mindfulness to ease metal, emotional and physical suffering, and mindfulness is being recommended for many mental health and physical conditions.

But, you don’t need to be unhappy or unwell to learn mindfulness, because mindfulness isn’t about illness, it’s about wellness. Mindfulness helps you to calm the compulsive chatter in your head and to get some rest from your problems, your worries and your issues and to find some inner peace. Mindfulness is about waking up to life and learning to live with a greater intensity, with greater clarity and finding more fulfillment in your everyday experience of life. 

Mindfulness is discovering a happier healthier and a profoundly better way of living.

Our popular  Mindfulness course consists of six 1½ hour evening classes at the prestigious Hale Clinic in Central London or at our new venue near Charing Cross.  These Mindfulness classes will give you all the tools that you need to bring Mindful self-awareness into the stresses and strains of everyday living. It’s a simple step by step programme to help you learn to quieten your mind, to de-stress to find some inner space and to get the most from your everyday life.

Our mindfulness courses are very popular book early to avoid disappointment.

Miracle of Mindfulness London Classes

What you’ll learn

Click on the tabs below for the course outline each week.

Many of us lead very stressful lives and with the ever increasing demands of work, family, and finances, life can be tough, and the pace is relentless. It’s easy to get lost in the daily grind.

Life isn’t supposed to be a grind and it really doesn’t have to be like that. This 6 week course is for anyone who wants to calm the noise in their heads, find some peace from the madness, claim their lives back and get more out of everyday life.

Mindfulness is fantastic for dealing with stress,and is shown to be more effective than anti- depressants, and it’s also great for lots of health problems ranging from psoriasis to irritable bowel syndrome and it even helps prevent the flu.

But Mindfulness isn’t really about illness, it’s about wellness.  It’s about taking a break from the noise in our heads and really starting to live.  Juicy living we call it, getting the most from life, living fully, intensely and sucking every juicy drop out of this moment. 

Mindfulness meditation isn’t about falling asleep it’s about waking up!

These 6 weekly evening classes give you all the tools you need to bring Mindfulness into the stresses and strains of everyday life, so you can keep a smile on your face in the midst of all the madness.

How To Cultivate Mindfulness

The basic principles of mindfulness are very simple and there really isn't much to learn. Mindfulness is not something that requires a lot of brain work or needs to be understood intellectually, so there's no exam I promise. Mindfulness is a state of being, a particular way of paying attention that bring things into a new focus, it's a whole new way of experiencing the world. There's no point in trying to explain really, because for it to mean anything it has to be experienced directly.

This class is designed to help you experience a deep state of mindfulness for yourself and to give you the basic tools and principles to help you to cultivate a state of mindfulness for yourself.

Mindfulness of breathing meditation
Introduction to mindfulness and meditation
How to experience mindfulness
How to become the watcher of your thoughts
Hunting head monsters
The Power of Now
The Mindful Witness meditation exercise

The Way of the Body

The Way of The Body is a wonderfully simple approach to Mindfulness and it is the technique that we promote the most at The Now Project. It the most effective way of bringing mindfulness into your routines and normal daily activities and making it an integral part of your everyday life. By giving mindful attention to your senses, your experience of everything is heightened and you may start to gain new appreciation of life. With practice you'll discover that your life is really a beautiful sensual experience for you enjoy, not a mental problem that you need to solve.

The Body Scan mindfulness meditation
The way of the body
How to get out of your mind and into your body
Body awareness
Using the 5 senses
Mindful eating exercise
Mindful walking
Chi Kung standing meditation

Sweet Surrender and Going Deeper Within
The Greater Mind

In this class we explore the spiritual dimension to mindfulness. We'll explore the practice of surrender which is central to many schools of mindfulness. Surrender is not weakness, it is strength, powerful action arises from surrender but it is clear action based upon reality, rather reaction created by resistance to what is. Surrender is the wisdom of cooperating with the flowing of life.

We will also explore the role of attention in mindfulness and the logic and science behind, the mindful practice of gratitude, compassion and loving kindness. We'll explore how mindful attention is crucial for enhancing personal well-being and how it can a vehicle for world transformation

The wisdom of surrender
The power of surrender
Flowing with life
"The Tommy Cooper" meditation exercise
Einstein and the Buddha
Exploring chi
Mindful Intention
Introduction to energy work
Inner Body meditation

Emotional Alchemy

When you have been mindful of your thoughts for a while you'll quickly see how thoughts and emotions are connected. In this class we will explore mindfulness of emotions, you will learn how emotions manifest in the body and how to manage painful emotions mindfully without reacting and causing more pain and suffering to yourself and others. You'll learn you to turn anger into love, fear into peace and how to master yourself and act mindfully in the world rather than being unconsciously driven by our emotions.

The difference between thinking and feeling
The three types of feeling
The cycle of pain
The painbody, karma in action
How not to deal with feelings
How to effectively manage painful emotions
Dissolving pain meditation – from pain to joy.
Heal within heal without – dissolving Karma

Beyond the Self
You are not who you think you are. That is just a thought about who you are, and you are infinitely more than that. In this class we will unpick your programming. If we live without mindfulness we are living in a false consciousness, made up implanted beliefs, past experiences and layers of learning and indoctrination. You will learn how to stand back and observe yourself, how to step outside of your programmed perception and see things as they are. You'll learn how to observe unhelpful beliefs, unconscious reactions and ultimately raise your awareness beyond your programming. You can then override your conditioning, break bad habits and change unhelpful patterns of behaviour and self imposed limitations, and choose your conscious response to situations and live a conscious and authentic life of your choosing rather than the one that has been determined for us by our programing
Who are you?
Meet your ego
How to observe the ego
How to transcend your programming
Freedom from control
Escaping the matrix
Beyond the self
How to access your higher intelligence
The conscious you meditation

The Energy Of Mindfulness

Mindfulness not only allows you the possibility of personal transformation, but it also changes the world around you. If you are happy and at ease with the world, then people feel that and they behave differently towards you. A big part of Mindfulness is paying attention to our attitude and what we are putting out into the world. If we are projecting fear or anger , loss or lack then that is the world that is reflected back to us. Mindfulness offers us the opportunity to consciously chose the quality of intention that we put out into the world . Adrian with demonstrate how mindfulness practices such as loving kindness, and gratitude and radically improve your life experience and that of everyone around you. You'll learn how to make every interaction an expression of your mindfulness and how project into to the world a profoundly better way of living.

The energy of mindfulness
Loving Kindness meditation
The wisdom of Kindness
How to bring mindfulness into everyday living
Tips and suggestions to create space in your life
How to deepen your practice
Questions and answers
What Now?
Ongoing support  – how we can help
Summary of the whole course

“I have really enjoyed the course, there have been some really important lessons in it. It has been well timed for me to coincide with a period of real struggle in my life; the help it has given me has been incredible.” Helen, Course Participant

Course Information

Here are the next start dates for upcoming The Miracle of  Mindfulness courses – book now to avoid disappointment.

Wednesday 24th January at the Hale Clinic 

Wednesdays 7pm - 8.30pm over 6 consecutive weeks (Places Tuesdays 7pm - 8.30pm available)

Tuesday 20th February at Raindance near Charing Cross
7pm - 8.30pm over 6 consecutive Tuesdays 7pm - 8.30pm (Places available)

Wednesday 7th March at the Hale Clinic 

Wednesdays 7pm - 8.30pm over 6 consecutive weeks (Places Tuesdays 7pm - 8.30pm available)

Tuesday 3rd April at Raindance near Charing Cross
7pm - 8.30pm over 6 consecutive Tuesdays 7pm - 8.30pm (Places available)

£98 for the six weekly classes. (If you miss one, it's not a problem you can catch up on the class you miss on the next course at either venue)


The Hale Clinic, 7 Park Crescent W1B 1PF
london-underground 2 minutes walk from Regents park and Gt Portland St and 8 minutes from Warren Street


london-underground 2 minutes walk from Charing Cross and Embankment

rail 2 minute walk from Charing Cross

benefits of mindful living

Wednesday Mindfulness course at The Hale Clinic

Tuesday Mindfulness class near Charing Cross

Happier, healthier, smarter

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