mindfulness and money

Mindfulness and Money

“Your wealth, your happiness, your abundance is in your experience of this present moment” Adrian discusses the impact of Mindfulness on money… is Mindfulness compatible

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Why Retreat

Now Project retreats are not about running from the world; in fact they are the very opposite. On retreat we engage fully with the world

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For most of my adult life l have considered myself to be honest and emotionally straight forward; l would often become frustrated with other people

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The Trying Trap

The ‘Trying Trap’

It may seem obvious that the characteristic state of thoughtless awareness that is Mindfulness dissolves ego: the journey is one of ‘unbecoming’ as we let

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Life is a playground

In ‘Dark’ Times…

…Life is your playground We are currently experiencing an unsettling time – this is nothing new; we were experiencing it already but maybe we weren’t

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