Stop trying – Mindfulness is a done deal

Stop trying - mindfulness is a done deal

It’s not always easy to maintain your attention in the present moment, there’s a certain momentum to your egoic thinking and it will not go quietly. It will wriggle and struggle, threaten and seduce you; it will reinvent itself and claim ownership of your mindfulness practice.  Sometimes it will claim small victories and you’ll believe the story and think that all is lost.  But the truth is that your ego is already finished, it has reached its logical conclusion and the resulting madness on a personal level and in the world as a whole is obvious to all of you who can see. 

The insanity of the ego must inevitably bring about its own destruction, the greater the suffering it creates the greater the impulse to escape its grasp and awaken to mindfulness and the miracle of life.

You’ll be pleased to know it’s a done deal. In this moment the ego is already finished.  Don’t believe me? – Try this.  Humour me and see for yourself. Pull your full attention into this moment. Do it right now. Make yourself as alert and alive to right now as you can, not a second forward, not a second back, stand alertly on the knife edge of now and see for yourself.  And if you can realise fully “right now” and experience the full intensity of this moment you’ll see that the voices in your head go quiet and that there is no ego right now. The ego cannot exist now and since there is only now, the ego has already ceased to exist. There is nothing to do.

Do you see? Your ego can only exist when you bring it into existence though the attention you give it. The ego cannot exist without your attention. That’s why it’s always trying to pull you into the past and future and always wants to drag you back into the narrative. The ego can only exist by subverting your attention by drawing you in.  

Don’t fight your ego don’t resist it, because that is giving it attention. The ego loves a fight; don’t make it your enemy. The fight gives it form and keeps it alive in you. Don’t argue with your ego, because in truth that’s just the ego arguing with itself and you can get horribly lost that way. Instead withdraw your attention, deprive it of its food. Withdraw your attention and put your attention on what is real here and now. Give your ego no energy, offer no struggle. Realise the truth of this moment and know it is only a figment of your imagination and the spell is broken. At least for now!

There is no merit in fighting your ego. Not only does the fight give the ego strength, but it also reinforces the separation. Because you see, ultimately it is part of you. Everything is you and it is this core delusion of separateness which created the ego way back in human evolution when we fell asleep and lost paradise in the ego’s dream.

Now is the time for us to evolve again, to move beyond the egos grip and the chains of our past conditioning. The ego has reached its logical conclusion, it has turned on its host and the accelerating insanity has put humanities very existence is in peril.  Now is the time to awaken from the ego’s dream, there is no need to fight sleep no need to struggle free of the dream. Simply open your eyes and see. Really see, look without judgement, really see, and see with your whole being. Listen, alert to every sound, letting them all rest without discrimination, and whilst you listen hear the infinite silence from which all sound arises. Touch, taste, and suck every juicy drop of this moment. Make this moment a truly sensual experience.  Feel how awake you are, feel the life that is everything and glimpse a new world.

Give up the fight, you’ve already won. Wake up to this moment and realise that a world free of ego is already here. Right Now.

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